Country Living

We moved out to our Little Trailer House on the Prairie on March 15th.  Less than 4 weeks ago.  In this short time, there are a few lessons I’ve learned. 

First off, there ain’t no rest out here. 

Yes it’s pretty peaceful, no one comes to my door selling magazines, and Toby, the dang barking dog next door, is no longer my problem.  But mind you, I’m not laid up in a hammock reading a book each evening listening to the wind rustle through the prairie grasses either.

During the early part of February, when I was still living in town, it snowed enough for our school district to cancel school.  Since I’m a mean, old school teacher, I got the day off.  I posted on facebook something to the effect of “Snow day, Now what can I do?”

Friends chimed in with many suggestions and then along came my dad with a remark of, “Get any snow out that way ang?”  Of course, my answer dripped with sarcasm.  He chided me for being sarcastic, my sister said I was the mean daughter, and then he said the following to my sister: 

“I hope she gets a whole plethora of animals, then she’ll have plenty to do.  I’ve been up since 0400, slopping hogs, milking and getting in wood and water.” 

Of course that was bologna.  More than likely he’d been laying with his head at the foot of the bed, on his belly, propped up on one elbow watching TV and reading a book at the same time.  That’s how he rolled. 

But oh boy, he was right about having plenty to do.  I don’t even have a plethora of animals, but each day they gotta eat.  I gotta change their water, put out feed for the horses and dogs, change the straw in the chicken box, take the chickies out for exercise, walk the dogs, and chase the horses out of the yard. 

By the time I tend to all the stock, I can barely feed my husband and myself.  Maybe I’ll lose a few pounds. One can only hope.

Second lesson:  Internet service sucks.  We can’t get DSL or cable out here, so our only option is satellite or dial up.  We opted for satellite with their lightning speed advertisement.  What a pile of horse hockey.  

Lesson #3:  I know absolutely nothing about water wells and septic tanks.  I’ve got questions.  How do I know when the septic tank is full?  Gross, I know, but an important piece of information to learn. 

Lesson #4:  I am losing the battle with dust.  Should I wave my white flag now? 

Fifth lesson:  Despite these tiny, itsy-bitsy, miniscule issues, I am super happy here.  We have room to run and sunsets to watch. We can do almost anything we want. 

At my garage sale the other day, Ashy’s Slip n’ Slide didn’t sell.

Me:  I guess we’ll take it out to The Place with us.

Her:  Yea!!  We can even do it naked!

Alrighty then.


  1. Jolea says:

    Okay….I’m still laughing at Ash! Just warn me so I don’t pull up on that hot mess!

    Memory Flash: Some strange man doing a slip n slide on Seminole…drunk and fully clothed? remember that? Wonder who it was??


  2. Donna H says:

    Somebody hurry up and get their cameras ready to head on out to “The Place” on the first warm day so we can spice things up on this here website!! (Just kiddin’ with you girlfriend(: !!) I’m looking forward to the weekend and maybe some more of your Daddy’s “treasures”. Until next time … Donna


  3. Denise says:

    Horses chickens land, mmmm yup sounds like perfect to me 😀


  4. Mama says:

    I can’t remember that guys name……but, I will later. He stole all of my jewelry out of my jewelry box! Johnny Bowman (what a hoot, he was!) called me about 3 days later and asked me if I was missing any jewelry! I had no clue, but I went to look and ALL my jewelry was gone! Johnny, ( mean and tough guy that he was) made him come to my house, return all my stuff, and apologize! He had no choice! It was either that or Carmichael Whately!


    1. Angel says:

      Yeah, he was wearing blue jean cuttoffs and no shirt. I remember how skinny he was. I was afraid he was going to hurt himself. He was drunk!


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