Sorry and Thank You


I’m sorry about yesterday’s post. I whined and complained and had a pity party. You came here for an enjoyable read, and got a mess of moping around instead.  I will try not to let that happen again.  I’m ashamed. 

Today I am better.  Much, much better.  I received some wonderful advice from readers, and I have decided I’m not taking a break from blogging.  Not yet anyway.  I know myself too well.  I know from past experience (read exercising here) when I decide to take a break for a day, it often turns into 2, then 5, then 45.  I don’t want that to happen with my blog.  So on terribly hard days I may just post a quote or a picture, suggested by my sister.   I hope you’ll understand.

One thing that makes me happy is great friends and wonderful blog comments. 

You know what else makes me happy?  A good book.

You know what else makes me happy?  Chickens. 

Here is a picture of my chicken coop.

Haha!  Gotcha!  That is a picture of my dream coop.

This is my real coop before it was a coop.  I’d show you a better picture, except I don’t have one.  So mentally take the trash out of the yard, the fishing net out of the shed,  and put chickens all around.  It looks just as bad as a coop as it did before.


I was going to work very hard and make this as adorable as the dream coop, but it is a long way from the house out where the boogers live, I would have to haul water, and it needed time-consuming work.  The chickens were growing, my house was stinking, and we needed a chicken house STAT, so instead, we turned the old garden shed which sits right next to the house into the temporary coop.  Repeat after me, THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY.  Famous last words. 

We built a covered chicken yard around the garden shed coop so they can get out and play in the sunshine.  Each evening I shut them up inside their coop and every morning I open the door so they can come out and play while I’m at work.  

But because I am as red-necked and as white trashy as the next girl, I hung an old blue and white sheet with swirlies just inside the coop to help keep the wind out of the crack when the doors don’t quite shut all the way.  Every morning when I open the doors, I bundle the sheet up into a wad and stuff it into a place above the doorway.  The next time I head to The Walmarts I’ll buy some tiebacks.  But for now, stuffing it in a crack and crevice seems to be working out.

Today, however, the sheet-curtain had fallen, blocking the exit to the play yard.  The chicks were “cooped” up all day.  When I lifted the curtain, they came a running.  They sure were glad to get out.  It was almost as if they were glad to see me, even.  

We hung out for a while and played chick, chick, goose.  It’s kind of like duck, duck, goose, but less offensive to the chicks.   I was always “it”.  They’re hard to catch.

Well, my oven just dinged.  My chicken (yikes) pot pie is ready.  I am happy to be home eating a pot pie and relaxing for a few moments.

And remember, friends are good and God is great and laundry will keep, so enjoy your evening.  I know I am.


  1. Lenore Diane says:

    You got me on that chicken coop picture. Though I wondered where the rooster came from…
    Welcome back! Good to see you tonight. Hope your pot pie was yummy and your night was enjoyable.
    Cheers, Angel!


  2. Dori says:

    I am so glad you are not taking a break yet! I look so forward to your daily blog. We really enjoy the ones about Drew Miller!!! Sometime I would love to stop by and see the chickens!


  3. Marie says:

    That’s my girl!


  4. Lara says:

    No need to apologize. Your just human. I have pity parties all the time. I miss my old life with chickens and cows so I love reading yours.


  5. Jennifer says:

    I read your blogs late at night when hubby’s at work. So, u keep me company!! 😉 I love em!


  6. Jolea says:

    What? You’re doing something I suggested….I better go wait on lightening to strike or pigs to fly or something…:)


  7. Donna H. says:

    Way to go girlfriend!! I really said “Oh my goodness” (out loud) when I saw the picture of the (dream) coop”She even has a wreath on the door”!! How adorable is that” and then I laughed (out loud) when I saw the next picture!(not AT the picture, but because you had me hook,line and sinker on the dream coop thing I thought to myself …She’s baacck!!!! And I’m sure that the chicks don’t give a hoot whether there’s a wreath or a flower box. they just want good care and you certainly provide that! I had another couple “chuckles” about the chicken potpie comment and another one when I read the comment from your sweet sis … (pigs flyin and lighting striking). You two must be quite a pair when you are together!! Reading little things like that silly comment makes me have a lump in my throat and brings a tear to my eye, not ever having any siblings of my own to share with. These are the things that are REALLY important in life. Family, hold it near and dear and God bless you for your words and your strength. Until next time…Donna H.


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