Mumbo jumbo

If you could see me as I write this, you would find me sitting in my car in a McDonald’s parking lot (I heard they have free wi-fi), partly killing time before I go to a teachers banquet, and partly trying to blog about nothing.
I missed blogging Sunday, Mother’s day, the easiest day of the world to blog. I mean there isn’t enough paper in the world to contain the words that could be written about dear old Anne. So I didn’t blog Sunday and it bothered me badly.  I don’t want it to happen again. 

Rush, rush, rush.   That’s what I do lately.   And I’m not even a mother.   I don’t know how they squeeze it all in.
Mumbo jumbo.  That’s what is going through my head.
Theres a few things I want to tell you that will not make a hill of beans in anybody’s world but mine. But my head is full of jumbo mumbo or mumbo jumbo.
1.   I just ate a Twix.
2.  There are 4 dirty coffee cups and 2 empty coke cans in my oh so meticulously clean car.
3.  Admitting I have a caffeine addiction is step #1.
4.  I took a huge risk today and let my chickens out of their chicken pen to wander here and yon as they please. They may all be dead when I get home.
5.  I’m about to eat bar-b-cue and then I have to stand up in front of my peers and read a tribute I wrote to my dear friend and co-worker who is retiring.
6. I’m feeling sick to my stomach.
7. I recently, accidentally turned my hair blonde. Its not a good look.
8. Mumbo jumbo.
9. Rush, rush, rush

10.  My toes are wrinkly.
11. There’s only 13 more days of school.  Can I get an Amen?

Glad I got that all off my chest.  I’m feeling much better now.


  1. Brandi says:



  2. Donna H says:

    Well, thank goodness I hadn’t taken down my “Psychiatrist 5 cents” sign! I hope that little session gave you some peace and we were glad to listen! Four cups of coffee, Coke, a Twix bar AND barbeque???? No wonder your stomach was churnin’!! Then add to that the anxiety of “speaking in public”! Wowzee dowzee! Hope it all went well and all the chicks were where they were supposed to be. (I’m bettin’ Freedom kept them in line!) O.K. NOW .. what’s with the blonde hair thing?? You know you can’t put that out there and leave all of us hanging!There has to be a story there somewhere! and how does “accidentally” becoming a blonde happen? Looks like another session on the couch is needed! Until next time … Donna H.


    1. Angel says:

      There is definately a story to how I became accidentally blonde. I’ll have to tell it sometime, but I’m afraid my hairdresser might read my blog! Also, I’m a terrible eater, but I didn’t eat all that at once. It was just left over from my slovenly ways!


  3. Angie says:



  4. Lenore Diane says:

    I care about you – honest. But, will you please let me know how the chickens did on their big day out? (smile)
    I hear your mumbo jumbo, and I go through the same thing on a daily basis. Hang in there! Here’s to summer vacation!


    1. Angel says:

      The chickens are fine 🙂


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