A Sussy

I got a present from my best good friend Erin the other day.

A “sussy” as she calls it.  That means  a surprise in her language.

There’s Erin in the middle, and my other best good friend Mrs. Z on the right. 

You’ll never guess what the “sussy” was.

Not just one, but two Bob Ross T-shirts.

You see, the other day I was wishing I had these shirts.

Actually, I blogged about it  here.  https://chroniclesofarocketsurgeon.com/2011/04/13/a-dirty-little-secret-no-i-am-not-ashamed/

I took a vow, kinda like a monk, to not buy new clothes the entire year of 2011.  Not a T-shirt for Field Day, not a new pair of panties, not even a Bob Ross shirt.  So Erin helped me out.

Mrs. Z (the one pictured up on the right) gave me a mountain of clothes the other day herself.  Pity clothes is what I call them.  If you want some new threads, but you don’t want to pay for them, just announce that you’re not buying any new clothes for a year.  Then find some good friends like I have.

Between these 2 girls, I shant go naked. 

And that’s good for everyone.


  1. leon says:

    He looks just like my friend John Reid. If fact, although Bob Ross has been dead for 10 years probably, John still gets autograph requests in airports and such. He said sometimes he signs his own name.


    1. Angel says:

      That’s funny. Yeah, they do resemble don’t they.


  2. Laura says:

    hahahaha I have no idea who Bob Ross is but I bet he could be a good friend to have…LOL love the shirt now I’m going to go google him. Happy blogging…


    1. Angel says:

      Happy Blogging–sounds like something Bob Ross might say 🙂


  3. Jolea says:

    love the shirt!


    1. Jolea says:

      oh and I don’t see any blonde in your hair…did you get it fixed??


      1. Angel says:

        No it’s still blonde.


  4. RB says:

    Love hand me downs. have always, since childhood have had them. Still get them and they are nicer than I would buy.. Love


  5. Lenore Diane says:

    This is great! What awesome gal pals you have, Angel.


  6. Mama says:

    I do love your friends!


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