Instagram Addiction

I recently, very recently, like say Friday, was turned on to Instagram via my friend Suzanne.  This weekend I’ve decided I need a 12 step program for it.

You simply can take a photo and run it through various filters to achieve different looks, some retro, some greenish, some reddish, some black and white,and  then ooh and aah.

Here’s a sampling of my pictures.  I hope they create a sense of wonderfulness for you as they do me.

My girls

I love these girls!

Something old and antiquey.


Grace trying to stick her head in my lap in the lawn chair.


That’s me.

Big cat


My favorite:  a ladybug on my leg.
Instagramically addicted,

6 thoughts on “Instagram Addiction

  1. Well it is obvious that I am old and technically challenged! It is more obvious that my PHONE is old and technically challenged!!! My phone just rings (basically) and sometimes I’m not sure it even does that! I saw something about this “instagram thing”on Pioneer Woman but your pics are just amazing and sooo very cool. I love them all, but literally “ooh”ed out loud when your picture came up! It is really a lovely “mona lisa” type expression! Did Justin take the picture? I also adore the one of the kitty! We used to have a big old comfy white wicker chair on one of the decks out by our pool, that had that same rose patterned upholstered pillow on it !! I finally had to replace the pillow, but it is still my favorite chair to go to, plop my behind in and read a little!! Until next time … Donna H.


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