In Memory of my Dad #18—Happy Father’s Day!

Although a week late, here is a delightful Father’s Day tribute written by my late dad. Enjoy! ********* A fellow that I know recently went home to West Texas and he can’t get over what his children did for him for Father’s Day, although it was Memorial Day. It began with a surprise invitation. HisContinue reading “In Memory of my Dad #18—Happy Father’s Day!”


Tonight I was Master of the Remote Control— a title I don’t especially covet.  I don’t like Television for many reasons that I won’t go into, but tonight for an unknown reason, I decided to turn on the T.V. I started with The Singing Bee which made my heart happy.  I am a World-Class-Lyric-Maker-Upper, soContinue reading “Hope”


    A drive down Highway 10 will snake you through beautiful Green Country. Past trees and hills and green galore.  A very different view than the flat, yellow, arid, blowing, dusty pasture grasses that I gaze upon each morning from my kitchen window. A drive down Highway 10 will snake you past Lover’s Leap, Kooter’sContinue reading “Nostalgia”

In Memory of My Dad #17

Being Santa Claus Isn’t Always Easy, Unless You Believe by R.L. Briggs Commentary Speaking from past experience, one of the best things that can happen when you are playing Santa Claus is to get those baggy pants off, the whiskers out of your mouth and those phony bootees off your shoes. Nobody helps.  Everyone elseContinue reading “In Memory of My Dad #17”

A Note From our Father

This turned my day around today. A facebook friend, Janet, had it posted. I felt compelled to share. In a world of much uncertainty one thing is true, God knows everything about you: everything you have ever done; everything you have ever said; and every thought you have ever had. He is an awesome God!Continue reading “A Note From our Father”

In Memory of my Dad #16

The laziness of summer causes my days to run together, but then I remembered today is Saturday, which means a story from Bob. Tear Gas Didn’t Go Over at Sonny’s Soul Kitchen That Night R.L. Briggs Though the details on your arrival are a bit fuzzy, the terrain is not all that unfamiliar, so youContinue reading “In Memory of my Dad #16”