The Villian Part 2

The Villian is dead.

He is no more.

My facebook friends already know part of this story for I had to brag immediately, but for my fellow bloggers and non-facebook friends, I could not leave you hanging on the snake saga.

Two days ago, I encountered a snake lurking ever too closely to my chicken coop.

After a 40 minute stand-off, the snake slithered away into a deep, dark hidey-hole.  My hopes were it was never to be seen again.

But alas, the following morning, after a nice little walk, I went to sit in my black and tan striped lawn chair to commune with my chickens only to find The Villian lying underneath my chair. 

After a quick scream, a high jump, a skit, and a scatter, I gathered myself, picked up the phone and called my husband to rush to my rescue.  He was 30 minutes away.

So, another stand-off began.  For about 10 minutes I stared at the snake as he did nothing but lifted his little serpent head and wiggled his tongue.  I then decided to abort this little game and go into the house for awhile to wait on my husband. 

And now friends, I fear you won’t believe the rest of the story, but if you could see me now, I’m holding up 3 fingers and swearing scout’s honor. 

After a brief break indoors, I walked back outside to check on the status of The Villian, when there by the corner of my house was another snake.  Yes, another one.  Two snakes, alive, at the same time.  In the same vicinity.  I just about died.  Died, I tell you.   The second snake was yellowish and I knew it was harmless, but still the idea of living with a den of snakes is a bit unsettling to me. 


He was a bit aggravated at this point and said he would get here as soon as he could.

So I waited and I watched.  The yellow snake slithered towards the first snake.  The first snake decided he wanted no part of meeting a new friend and slithered across my path.  And that’s when I had my chance.  Raising my shovel mid-air, with a hearty Tawanda yell (Fried Green Tomatoes reference) I gave that snake a good whack.  Unfortunately one whack barely did any damage.  It just kind of stunned the fellow.  So I kicked it into overkill and began madly whacking the snake repeatedly, issuing primal grunts the entire time.  I just couldn’t stop. 

After I caught my breath and allowed my heart rate to decline to at least 400 beats per minute, I glanced over to where Mr. Yellow was last seen.  He was gone.  Perhaps he witnessed the event and decided he better get the heck out of dodge if he knew what was good for him.

J-Dub arrived shortly after and confirmed that it was just a little old bull snake, completely harmless, perhaps even considered a good snake as far as good snakes go, and tossed it into the pasture where it is slowly rotting and crawling with ants as we speak.




  1. Lenore Diane says:

    TAWANDA!! That made me laugh out loud. Nervous, I scrolled immediately to the end of the post. (Yes, I flip to the end of books sometimes, too.) As I read the post from start to finish, I chuckled that you noted Tawanda’s reference. (I didn’t need no stinkin’ reference.)

    Non venomous, eh? Well, it was good to get your skills ready should venomous villains approach. HEED THIS WARNING YOU SLITHERING REPTILES!! (hee, hee) Ain’t no one gets between a Mama and her chickens!!


  2. You are so brave. It is better to be safe than sorry. This is the part of country life that I don’t care for – creepy crawlies. I am so glad you are safe and ok, and so are the chickens. And as lenore noted above, it is good training for the future. Let’s hope that there are no more of them around you and yours, ever!


  3. Donna H says:

    I cannot tell you how proud I am of you standing up for your “family”. I’m sure the President will be making a trip to “The Place” in the next few days to bestow some medal of honor upon you for your bravery! Believe me, if I saw a snake under my chair, I’d be the one in the “hidey hole”, not the snake! Until next time … Donna H.


  4. Donna Mae Jones says:

    rotglmao….that was good really good….


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