Dem Dry Lands

My vegetable patch is green, luscious, fruitful, and multiplying. I mean, the garden in my dreams.  Of course. It’s difficult at best to grow a garden, or anything green, in a drought. We’ve morphed into a barren desert land. The horses search for anything green and tender, including the bottommost leaves of the trees, leaving all ourContinue reading “Dem Dry Lands”


See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  Isaiah 43:19 I awoke before my  husband.  Unusual?  More unusual than a flying armadillo.   Rather than rolling over and falling back to sleep, I groaned out of bed and crept through the dark house.  I laced up my tennis shoes and decidedContinue reading “Newness”

In Memory of my Dad #21

Written by Bob Briggs on July 29, 1995 before computers had really taken over the world and everyone carried one in their hip pocket. Computers will lie to you.  Computers never apologize for their mistakes either.  Believe me they make plenty of them. I just recently got my finances straightened out with Sports Illustrated.  IContinue reading “In Memory of my Dad #21”

Country Troubles

Somedays the  J&A Chicken Ranch has more excitement than my feeble heart can handle. This beautiful breezy morning I am waiting for the water well repair man as we have no water coursing through our pipes.  The precious commodity, the life blood, the toilet flusher has seized for reasons unknown to me, but hopefully not beyond theContinue reading “Country Troubles”

In Memory of My Dad #20

written on March 25, 1995 Recently I traveled to west and south Texas on “holiday” as my Scottish friend Jody Taylor calls it.  Actually it was more of a couple of days off work and more of a “spring break”.  I took highway 33 out of Sapulpa, Oklahoma intending to take the “blue highways” thatContinue reading “In Memory of My Dad #20”

One Judge

The Casey Anthony Trial.  Yes, I’m going to go there.  On Tuesday, the world reeled at the verdict of Not Guilty to the most severe charges towards Casey Anthony.  Today  sentencing was handed down and Casey Anthony will be free in merely six days, the world reeled again.  Although I did not watch the entire courtroom proceedings, forContinue reading “One Judge”

Why I Blog

I began blogging in November 2008 for reasons unexplainable.  It first began as a place to journal my unprivate thoughts and to catalogue my days. I blogged six days in November of 2008 and then didn’t blog again until January of 2009.  After that it was hit and miss for a season or two.  It’s hardContinue reading “Why I Blog”