Why I Blog

I began blogging in November 2008 for reasons unexplainable.  It first began as a place to journal my unprivate thoughts and to catalogue my days.

I blogged six days in November of 2008 and then didn’t blog again until January of 2009.  After that it was hit and miss for a season or two. 

It’s hard to blog and I believe anyone who has attempted to be consistent with a blog can attest to that fact.  Some days you succumb to the evil angel at your shoulder who tempts you with napping and sitcom watching instead of writing.  Heaven knows I do.  Succumb is my middle name.

My blog has evolved from short little paragraphs of how I spent my day to longer narratives of jibberish.  These days, I feel more free to write my innermost feelings.  I have a pretty good idea of who my audience is.  And I can take chances a bit more.  Blogging is a type of medium for me.  Somedays it’s therapy when I feel my life is sucking.  It’s a way of remembering stories that have happened to me and to others.  It’s a way to express my feelings and my opinions.  And I’d like to think  it’s a form of entertainment or at least brings a smile to someone once in a blue moon.

One of the best parts of blogging, however, is getting to know my readers better.  Especially the ones I’ve never met.  Take Lenore for example.  Lenore is a blogging buddy who blogs over at http://lenorediane.com

She’s got two adorable sons, a devoted husband, and is an excellent writer.  But the main thing about Lenore is she hearts Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.  Especially Phish Food.

Now me and ice cream don’t have a love affair so much.  I’m more of a Sara Lee pound cake kind of kid.  I have never to my recollection sampled any flavor of Ben & Jerry’s.  So when I read about Lenore loving on her Ben & Jerry’s, I decided to try some.  On a scale of one to 10, I found the flavor I chose to be about a 7.  I commented on her post and told her about my experience and that I’d have to try another flavor before I completely knocked the whole B & J experience.

And then, lo and behold, I received a card from my friend Lenore with a coupon for a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream included along with a sweet note.  It made my day. 

So go over to http://lenorediane.com/2011/07/01/the-lovin-spoonfuls/ and read about her obsession with Phish Food and show her some love on my behalf.

And tell me, what flavor should I purchase with my free coupon?


13 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Karamel Sutra, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, or Late Night Snack (fudge covered potato chip clusters!!!). I may have been on a Ben & Jerry’s kick lately….


  2. Angel, this is awesome – and not because you mentioned me. I loved the writing – and I agree with everything you said.
    I’ve been offline for several days, and I miss the writing AND reading. I hope to catch up today – though the writing won’t happen.

    I hope you enjoy whatever flavor you decide to snag. Ben & Jerry’s now make vanilla – for the less daring. Sometimes simple is best. Cheers, Angel!


    1. I’m a Vanilla kind of girl. Actually I love Butter Pecan ice cream or something akin. So in your infinite ice cream wisdom, what flavor would be most similar?


  3. I like the Raspberry Cheesecake but I don’t think you like cheesecake. I tried the chunky monkey years ago with Neal Edwards (he raved about it back then) and bleck! I bought the Clusterfluff recently and it’s okay. Let me know if you find one that’s heavenly!


  4. Hi, Angel! You have no clue how much I have missed you, girlfriend! Every morning (and night) I run in here to the office and with much anticipation log on to Chronicles and wait with baited breath (ok. that may be a little much!) and there it was, last Saturday’s post still there! and no new words from you! Here’s a visual for you … really old lady laying on the floor in a temper tantrum fit and having a really hard time getting up! Somehow I just figure you don’t have anything else to do except write your blog for me to enjoy!! Sorry, I just had to vent:} As for Lenore Diane .. you are sooo right She is a great “teller of tales” also and I miss her when she isn’t there, as well! I only check three of you every day – Pioneer Woman, Lenore and you! I’m certain none of you know how much some of us look forward to what’s happening in your corner of the world! How “sweet” (no pun intended) of Lenore Diane to send you a free coupon! Specially since we know she loves B&J so much! Karamel Sutra is my fav and I love it with a serving of Ree’s granny apple crescent roll “dumpling”!! ( Might as well go all the “weigh”, right (haha)! Seriously, if you haven’t tried that crescent roll recipe do try it ..it’s so easy and absolutely divine! Until next time… Donna H.


    1. Donna, I’ll absolutely DIE if you ever stop leaving me your comments. They make my day more than you’ll ever know!! And the truth is, I don’t have anything to do except write my blog, but the lazies have overtaken me this summer. As for Ree’s dumpling, I’ll try to remember to try it this fall. I just hate the thought of turning on the oven!


  5. Phish Food! So good! Blogs are great to jot down everyday experiences and enable you to look back at the great days you had. The blogging community is so fascinating because you can connect with and know all about a persons life without even meeting them. I recently launched a website http://www.whyiblog.com that serves as a platform for blogging to to go and share their stories while reading others. Check it out, you might find more blogging friends!


  6. I’ve never had Ben & Jerry’s either. I’m not much of an ice cream freak either……..unless it’s homeade with homeade chocolate fudge syrup!


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