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I know. I know. I know.  I’ve been bad about blogging.  It’s just that I’ve felt quiet lately.  I wonder if you can relate.  Sometimes you just don’t have much to say, until you don’t say much for too long, then you have way too much to say.  This originally short post  turned into a novel.  Sorry and thanks for bearing through. 

I dearly appreciate all of you who click over here to see what is going on in my boring little world and tell me what is going on in yours.  And the truth is I miss you. 

Here’s a recap of my life:

J-Dub and I just returned from a relaxing few days in the Rocky Mountains.  The Texas Panhandle Drought of 2011 had just about beaten both of us down to a nub and we desperately needed a break. 

When we got married, we agreed that each summer we would take a vacation to a new place.  Because of money issues, we’ve tried to take a more expensive vacation every other year, and take a quick, less expensive vacation on the opposite years.  Recently, our summers have just been quick, less expensive get-aways and we almost let this summer slip past us altogether.  But we scrimped and searched, and dug under couch cushions for a few nickels and dimes and were able to have one of the most enjoyable vacations yet. 

We drove up to a place called Winter Park, Colorado.  It’s a big ski resort town in the winter, but we were looking for a cool (weather-wise) hide out and it delivered.  The drive was beautiful.  We avoided the Interstate and took the back roads.  If you’re not in a hurry, it makes the drive so much more pleasant.  We stopped for lunch and homemade pie up around Castle Rock, and I got goose bumps in the restaurant, the first of several during the weekend.  The higher we ascended in altitude, the higher our spirits seemed to lift.  The mountains were majestic, the air was fresh, the temps were comfortable, the views were breathtaking, the flowers and the colors were astonishing, the rushing streams and rivers were exhilarating.  

We ate delicious food, we hiked mountain trails, we dipped our hands in ice-cold streams, we communed with nature, and we even caught a free rock concert with Warrant and Skid Row, which  left me convinced that I don’t wish to watch another rock concert as long as I live.  J-Dub and I got more entertainment from the aged crowds reveling in their youth than we did the aged band members.  Some hoisted their small children on their shoulders and taught them how to fist pump to the beat.  But hey, to each his own.  Although it was a free concert, J-Dub and I scored V.I.P. tickets, which basically gave us two free drinks and special seating.  I owe it all to the Bob Ross  t-shirt I was wearing.  While everyone else was sporting leather and black, and skimpy t-shirts tied under their bosoms, I accidentally threw on my happy accidents that my buddy Erin gave me. 


When people see Bob, they know we come in peace, which in turn opens doors and happy things occur, like V.I.P. tickets at an already free concert 🙂

Our time away was much too short, but I am feeling so re-energized now.  I even turned on the water sprinkler this morning in a feeble attempt to add some color to my world here on this dry, dusty pasture.  Although J-Dub and I originally wanted to visit a new place each summer, we may just make Colorado an annual event.  What a beautiful place God spoke into existence. 

While we were away on vacation, I left the chickens in charge.  They managed everything quite nicely.  I did receive a phone call from my sweet niece Ash, informing me that they were passing through so they decided to stop and check on things.  They also found three eggs. For awhile, the dear chick that had first laid her eggs, took a little hiatus after I covered up the feeder and she couldn’t nest in there any more to lay her eggs.  But then, some little niece got a bright idea to put a different bucket of feed in the henhouse, and so she began to lay again in the new bucket of feed.  This morning when I checked there were two more eggs, one in the feeder, and one in a nesting box.  Imagine my surprise to find an egg actually in a nesting box.  Then as I was moving my water sprinkler, I found 2 more eggs in a flower-pot outside!  Soon I hope to have eggs running out of my ears.  Well, not literally, but you understand I hope.  There’s no telling where I might stumble upon eggs.  It’s a good thing I learned to walk gingerly back when the snakes were causing me to pee down both legs.

For those who may have missed my previous post, I am really and truly, positively, absolutely, undeniably pregnant.  And doing just fine considering.  Each morning, I thank God for my health and ask Him for a healthy baby.  My biggest complaint would be exhaustion, but that is subsiding some and I may even be confusing a little bit of it for just sheer laziness.  Thank you all for the well wishes, the prayers, and the congratulations.   My sister has already bought me a package of newborn diapers.  I turned the package over and over, wondering if I should open them.  Because, as much as I know that everything is going to be just fine, there is still a deep seeded fear of the “what if’s”.  But I succumbed and I tore open the dashed perforation, and I pulled out a little diaper.  I sat amazed at the tiny size of it, and I imagined a itty bitty little baby butt fitting inside.  Whether it has boy parts or girl parts is yet to be determined.  And then I did what most moms would do.  I put that diaper to my nose, shut my eyes, and breathed in the sweet smell of a baby.  It was a sweet moment.  And a rare one I’m sure.  Soon enough, the smell of diapers will permeate this home in a most unpleasant way.  The diaper is on my bedside table still, but the powdery fresh baby smell has all but disappeared.  I know because I checked this morning.  

I’ve decided it’s all going to be okay.  I’m slowly growing into this whole motherhood thing.  In more ways than one.

I hope life is treating you kind.  Leave me a comment and tell me about it.  I’ve missed you!


  1. Jolea says:

    Oh, I love you! I don’t tell you enough and I should. I’m so glad you had a cooling and relaxing vacation. I’m planning on coming back when it cools off and help you get everything done so you’re not stressed. Plus, I just love shopping….:) Enjoy your last week before you head back to school and these hazy, lazy days of summer are just a memory.


    1. Jolea says:

      Oh and as for your shirt “No mistakes, just happy little accidents” I think that applies to a lot in your life right now….:)


    2. Angel says:

      I love you too and I love that you love shopping.


  2. Susan Bromlow says:

    I love your blog, Angel! Many times I find myself actually laughing out loud because you so accurately describe something we’ve all experienced but been too embarrassed to admit! You have such a gift to share stories–thank you for sharing with the rest of us!!


  3. Marie says:

    You made me cry, AGAIN. Can’t wait to see you!


  4. Lenore Diane says:

    “When people see Bob, they know we come in peace,” I love that line. Love it! Cracks me up.

    God gives us 9 months to grow babies, so we have 9 months to settle in with the idea of pregnancy and motherhood. Ok. Truth be told, I don’t know if that was what God intended. But, having 9 months to become more at ease with what is to come is a good thing. (smile)

    Good to ‘see’ you again. I am glad you and JDub had some time away. The trip sounded lovely.


  5. Brandi Cayce says:

    I can’t wait to see you!! My summer has been about work and sleep for the most part. I did get to go home for a few days and visit the family. See you next week.


  6. Donna H. says:

    My heart pitter-pattered when I saw you have posted that you and J-Dub had gone to Colorado!! For the first 20 years of our marriage that is where we went every year for two weeks and I never ever got tired of going! (and always shed a tear or two when it was time to leave!) Now we go as many different places as we can …kinda that “bucket list” thing, but none has ever compared to Colorado!! I always said God wanted a special place to “vacation” and decided it should be Colorado!!! It is so beautiful there in all seasons, but particularly now and in the fall it is beyond words! Hope you kids get to go back soon and maybe take that precious little one with you next time. I think of you daily and pray for your good health and well-being. Hope you can enjoy your time before school starts again! (it starts here tomorrow … way too soon for the little folks, I think 🙂 Until next time … Donna H.


  7. Lara says:

    Colorado would be great!!! I am glad y’all had a great time and I am just so happy for you!!


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