Football in Texas is kind of a big deal.  More specifically, small town Friday night high school football in Texas is kind of a big deal.  Especially in my area.   It seems the whole town gathers in a sea of green and gold to cheer on our home town boys, The Harvesters.  Yep, the Harvesters.  Not theContinue reading “Football!!”

In Memory of My Dad #29

Whizbang Red was the luckiest fisherman I ever encountered on a golf course in my life. I’ll tell you why. Whiz was trying to retrieve a lost golf ball that he had sent to a watery grave when he hooked a seven and a half pound bass, and actually landed the thing, much to theContinue reading “In Memory of My Dad #29”

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters

My friend Suzanne sent me a link. Actually she sent it for me to share with J-Dub. I shared it, and then I read it myself. I loved it.  I cried.  But I’m a bit emotional these days with my little girl on the way.  I couldn’t help but think of her and her daddy. Continue reading “50 Rules for Dads of Daughters”

My life. My thoughts. My faith. My family

Well today is Sunday, and those who may have been looking for it, might have missed my “in memory of my dad story” yesterday.  I’ve been a little busy, which is no excuse.  I’ve been: sleeping (today anyway) trying to revive a dead front yard from a serious drought cleaning out a junk room ofContinue reading “My life. My thoughts. My faith. My family”

Pics from the Reveal Partay!

This past Friday, some friends and loved ones joined us for a gender reveal party.  Some wore pink, thinking it would be a girl.  Some wore blue, thinking it would be a boy. Some wore black, thinking it would be…….uh, nevermind, I guess they hadn’t had time to do their laundry. J-Dub and I were bothContinue reading “Pics from the Reveal Partay!”