Pics from the Reveal Partay!

This past Friday, some friends and loved ones joined us for a gender reveal party. 

Some wore pink, thinking it would be a girl.  Some wore blue, thinking it would be a boy.

Some wore black, thinking it would be…….uh, nevermind, I guess they hadn’t had time to do their laundry.

J-Dub and I were both decked out in blue.  No doubt in my mind it was a boy.  No doubt.

There were more folks dressed in blue than pink. 

The survey from my blog predicted boy over girl.


We began with a little game of “What do the Old Wives Say?” where different old wives questions were thrown at us, and the majority of our answers revealed boy. 

Boy, Boy, Boy.

The contents of this box would reveal the truth.  Would it be blue or would it be pink?

The moment of truth arrived with hearts all a’flutter.   Anticipation hung heavy in the air. 


The florist was the one who received the sealed envelope.  He was the one who first saw the ultrasound picture.  He was the one who packaged the box.  We were the ones to open it with the ones we love.

Pink and white balloons drifted out, screams and cheers lifted up, and tears flowed down.  Happy tears of course.

It was a day of love, happiness, celebration.




 And smiles.

Lots and lots of smiles.

11 thoughts on “Pics from the Reveal Partay!

  1. Thanks for sharing this special moment with us Angel. It was more fun than I have had in a long time. I’m so happy for you and Jason.


  2. Angel … much like Brandi, I thank you for sharing these precious moments with those of us who visit this blog! I have never heard of a “reveal” party here in this neck of the woods, and I am totally in awe of you and Jason for letting someone (the florist) know before you two did! I can only imagine how special it was to share that moment with family and friends! You both look truly happy in the photo of the two of you! First time, I believe, I have seen an “up close” picture of you kids together. This baby girl is going to be so gorgeous with such beautiful parents! I hope she has Jason’s adorable dimples and that mischievious grin … way too cute! Thanks again for sharing … oh and by the way, I’m kinda glad Jason didn’t wear a PINK shirt …just wouldn’t seem fitting for such a handsome, rugged cowboy as himself!! Love you guys … until next time … Donna H.


  3. Excellent, Angel! I love the idea of the reveal party, too. How very neat that the florist did the surprising – filling a box of appropriately colored balloons, etc. Neat and memorable stuff.
    Congrats to you all!


  4. Oh, I knew it was a girl!! I voted girl! I am so excited. May God bless you with a good pregnancy and easy delivery. He has already blessed you with a wonderful little life. Such fun! Love your party and am going to blog about it! 🙂


  5. Great, great party…….lots of people……and much happiness! I agee with every single word from Donna H., whomever she might be. She always writes great comments! I love you guys, all three!!!!!


  6. Congrats, Angel! How exciting and what a fun way to find out the surprise! My dad told me about your blog, and I’m so glad he did. I’m your newest follower! Praying the rest of your pregnancy goes well, you feel good, and the Lord feels you with overflowing amounts of joy, excitement and anticipation!

    Blessings, Ande (Shank) Long


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