In Memory of My Dad #33—Armadillo

No matter how many times I leave Tahlequah, I’m always ready to return to the old hometown—but first, I had a commitment to some friends in another town to take care of before my departure for home. I had already said goodbye to my two daughters, and after a rousing night in Donny Duree’s bar, I saidContinue reading “In Memory of My Dad #33—Armadillo”

In Memory of My Dad #32–Arm Wrestling

Sports events that take place in bars include wet t-shirt contests, women’s mud wrestling, chug-a-lug contests, belch offs and arm wrestling. What makes them different from normal sports is their spirit of bawdy, drunken democracy. Anyone can join in. Arm wrestling has long been a favorite way for men to match strength since big musclesContinue reading “In Memory of My Dad #32–Arm Wrestling”


I have a hot drink, a quiet house, and a long to-do list, but I’m going to sit a minute and write.  I miss blogging.  If I had my ‘druthers, I’d stay home, write everyday, and make preserves; or some other similar lost art.  It sounds idyllic, but I’m sure it would get old after aContinue reading “Blessings”

J-Dub’s Burfday

Today my sweet husband turns 38 years old. Remember when you were a little kid and made homemade cards?  I’m still doing that.  Especially after I’ve already gotten home from town and forgotten the dang thing. He’s not home yet, because he’s still working.  That’s what he does.   Works his butt off.  The wordContinue reading “J-Dub’s Burfday”

Decisions, decisions.

Decisions, decisions.  Thankfully not life or death decisions.  More on the caliber of comfort kind of decisions.  As in “should I do an exercise tape or go to bed and read?”  And along the lines of “I just ate mac and cheese, but I really want some milk toast.”  Do you know what milk toastContinue reading “Decisions, decisions.”

In Memory of My Dad #31

“Not even God can hit a one iron” –Lee Trevino This is true.  Most golfers don’t even carry one of these bloody things in their bag.  The one iron is a confidence crusher, a fear trip not to be believed, an almost certain guarantee of shame, failure, dumbness and humiliation if you ever have toContinue reading “In Memory of My Dad #31”

Baby Girl in 3D

I usually find myself most uninterested when pregnant women start pulling out a roll of black and white, grainy sonogram pictures showing off their upcoming bundle.  I’m usually the one holding up the picture, squinting, turning it to the left, the right, upside down, right side over while oohing and aahhing when in reality I can’tContinue reading “Baby Girl in 3D”

In Memory of My Dad #31

This article was written by my dad on April 8, 1995 entitled Springing Eternal the Hunters Spirit Mingles in the Greenery.  Perhaps some of you hunters can see yourself in the description, and most of your hunter friends too. The days are lengthening; green colors are showing beneath the yellowish brown cover of fall grasses,Continue reading “In Memory of My Dad #31”