A love letter

There’s a little known fact about me. I’m a sucker for a love letter. It’s true. Perhaps it’s the love of words that I possess that I adore seeing them written on paper rather than spoken.  Perhaps because it’s genuine.  No matter, it’s the way to my heart.

Just because I’m a sucker for them, doesn’t mean I get them. Last year, J-Dub asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him to write me a love letter.   He forgot.  Instead I got 24 rolls of Rolos candy. Which, by the way, did not go to my heart, but rather my thighs.
And my butt.
And my belly.

Throughout our marriage, I’ve received many cards from my husband.  And lots of flowers.  There have been gifts galore.  But yesterday, I received my very first love letter from my beloved.  It’s a treasure to me.  It made me laugh.  It made me cry.  It made me pause and be thankful for what I’ve been blessed with.

Sitting next to the coffee pot was this jewel.

It reads: 

Dearest Angel,

As I lie sleepless in bed tonight, I can’t help but laugh at the many sounds of slumber that your nasal passages and vocal cords are producing.  Then I begin to think about all of the funny little qualities or “quirks” that make you who you are.  It’s those “quirks” that enables you to tolerate the many “quirks” that are me.  God has made you the way you are just for that reason.  For this, I am thankful.  I am truly blessed to call you my wife. 

                                                                                                       I love you,


Isn’t that the the absolute sweetest thing you’ve ever read???  I treasure it.  Who would have imagined my snoring to be the inspiration of such eloquent words.

My mom used to sing a song to me when I was a little girl. It goes,
“Oh we ain’t got a barrel of money. Maybe we’re ragged and funny.
But we’ll travel along,
singing a song,
side by side.”

I’m so blessed to have somebody by my side.  I hope in this upcoming Christmas season you realize, if you haven’t already, that the most important things in life aren’t things. 

Be blessed.



  1. Cassie says:

    Dangit Angel, you always make me cry!!


  2. Jolene Wheeler Coffee says:

    Angel .You make me laugh.
    Today would have been his paw paw’s 89th birthday


  3. Lenore Diane says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Angel. What a wonderful way to start a day!


  4. Marie says:

    Love it!


  5. Donna H. says:

    Your little Emma Kate is going to be the luckiest little baby girl ever! She will have a very precious momma and the sweetest, most special daddy on this earth! What a wonderful “gift” your letter is, Jason, and one you will treasure always, Angel. Oh, by the way, second verse of the song is “don’t know what’s comin’ tomorrow, maybe it’s trouble or sorrow, but we travel along, singing a song, side by side”! Believe it or not, my momma always sang that song to me as well! Wishing you many blessings during this holiday season. Until next time … Donna H.


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