22 days

We’ve got 22 days remaining.  Twenty-two.

Give or take 14 days here or there. 

Tomorrow, our  little Emma will be considered full term at 37 weeks.  However I’m happy for her to bake a while longer.  Like 22 more days. 

In the meantime, I’ve joined the flock of pinterest junkies.  There are some really great ideas on that site.  Like the button letters I made for the nursery.

I’m pretty proud of them, if I do say so myself.

I whipped them up yesterday.  It only took me a few hours, in addition to the six weeks it took to gather all the buttons.  So, all in all, considering the unfinished projects lying around, not too shabby!

I started with an 8 X 10 painter’s canvas and then covered it with some material.  I found a font on a word processing program and enlarged it to the size I needed.  Next, I cut out the letters and traced them onto the material using a pencil.  Finally, I arranged the buttons within the lines as best I could, then glued them down with fabric glue, as best I could.  I hotglued twine to the backside and hung them in a row.

Easy-peasy and pretty cheap too, considering you have plenty of buttons.  Or at least some friends with plenty of buttons.




10 thoughts on “22 days

  1. Angel
    You are making Emma’s room so cute. Can’t wait until I get to see her lying in the bed
    Love ya


  2. Did you hear that big “Ooooohhhh” all the way from Nebraska to your house??? That: is about the cutest thing ever! And isn’t pinterest amazing? My darling daughter introduced me to it a few weeks back and I have spent wwwaaaayyy to much time ooh-ing and aw-ing !!! We were away for the holidays so now it is like only 18 or 19 days before sweet little Emma makes her debut! Can hardly wait to hear that all is well and see pictures maybe??? Wishing you “three” the most blessed new year filled with much happiness, good health and exciting times! Until next time … Donna H.


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