In Memory of My Dad #40—A Lizard Story with no Ending

I first saw him as I was putting my portable air tankup up for the summer.  At first I thought he was a snake, “Omigosh!  Mister no shoulders,” I thought.  Then I saw it was a harmless brown lizard. Since that time, we have become friends of a sort.  Well, good enough friends that weContinue reading “In Memory of My Dad #40—A Lizard Story with no Ending”

My dream

Upcoming monumental events cause me a bit of angst, anxiety, and apprehension.  For example, each August I methodically prepare to meet a new group of second graders.  I hang posters, write out name tags, copy wonderfully engaging papers, plan ice breaking activities, and decorate my classroom door all in eager anticipation.  It seems that no matterContinue reading “My dream”

In Memory of My Dad #39

“What’s old Duane doing now?” I asked. “Seventy-five years.” “Say what?” “Yep, 75 years in the Huntsville pen.” “He must have done something heavy.” “Yeah, it seems Duane got mixed up with some dope dealers down around Houston and they leaned on him a little, and you know ol’ Duane, he started to shove backContinue reading “In Memory of My Dad #39”

Change and Creation—my year in review

I’m three days late, but I wanted to take some time and reflect on the year 2011. It’s long gone now,  but still deserves some time of remembrance. Any blogger worth their weight in blogging ability has already accomplished this feat, however, it’s me we’re talking about here. I began this post a couple ofContinue reading “Change and Creation—my year in review”