Preggo Update

We are officially on the countdown.  Tomorrow we hit the 39 week mark.  Only one more to go.  Maybe.  And I am pleased to announce that I have finally crossed over into the land of excitement. 

We went to the doctor yesterday for a sonogram and a check-in.  While I was working yesterday morning and anticipating the idea of seeing her face, I became overcome with joy and excitement.  As I laid on the sonographer’s table, I imagined a little face that would look exactly like the one we will behold in just a few more days.  How lucky we are to get a sneak peek.   The sonographer lubed my belly up and began rolling her wand around as we gazed at the screen.  We saw her kidneys, her bladder, the umbilical cord.  We heard the heartbeat and saw the blood flowing through the veins and arteries of the cord.  We discovered that she is head down (locked and loaded) as I like to call it.  She is estimated to weigh 7 lbs 11 oz, but that estimate can be off by a pound either direction.  And then the sonographer rolled her wand on her face. 

I would love to show it to you, but she doesn’t like having her picture taken.  Her hands were covering her face.

Here is a side profile we got with her hands as the big blob in front.  That is a beautiful eye though, isn’t it?

I’m beginning to think she might be a stinker.  When we wanted to find out her gender, she didn’t cooperate by keeping her legs crossed, now when we’re dying to see her face, she decided to play peek-a-boo instead. 

So the sonographer applied this vibrating buzzer to my belly to try to scare her, and when she finally moved her hand,we got a picture of her.  However, my dreams of seeing a beautiful baby vanished.  I can’t tell whether she looks more like an orangutan or Mike Jagger.

The smushed-nose, big-lipped baby

It’s the nose.  And the lips.  Some wise people I work with told me she’s all smushed in those tight quarters and it can’t be an accurate picture.  So, tonight I stood before the bathroom mirror and I smushed my own nose to compare it with hers.  Then I made my husband smush his nose.  There we sat staring at each other with our noses smushed flat trying to decide whose nose she has.  I’ve decided she has Mick Jagger’s. 

Remember, we have no TV here.  This is what people with no TV do.

But look at these older pictures.  They were taken on the same day back in October. 

The pig-nose, receding chin baby

The nose doesn’t look the same in any of them.  In fact, the baby doesn’t look the same in any of them.  So basically, we won’t know what she looks like until she slides out and hollers.  Still,  I’m preparing myself to feed her lots of bananas and teach her to the words to “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” 

When we saw the doctor yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised to discover I am dilated 2-3 cm.  He said it could be any day now.  

And so we wait to meet our little girl. 

And she’ll be beautiful.

16 thoughts on “Preggo Update

  1. It’s been a pleasure taking this journey with you, Angel. Thank you for sharing this miracle with us. I am excited to see the first pictures of your brand new daughter! (outside of the womb.)


  2. That is just wonderful! And you and Jason should know there are lots of us sharing your excitement with yall! And whomevers nose she has…she will be beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


  3. rotglmao…you are to funny…i am so happy and can’t wait..prayers and thought are with you guys and let us know as soon as you can…love ya…


  4. I got a chuckle just imagining you and Jason standing in front of the mirror smushing your noses…Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us…I have enjoyed them. She won’t look like anyone but Emma…a little of your and a little of Jason in a sweet ball of love.


    1. I made him do it. I said, “smush down your nose.” No. “Smush down your nose!” No. “Just do it.” Then he was embarrassed that I blogged about it!!


  5. No doubt she will be amazing and beautiful !! And I’m reasonably certain she will NOT look like either Mick Jagger or an orangutan !! She would be perfect subject, however, for the artist Margaret Keane. (If I recall she was known back several years ago as the “Big Eye” artist) Just a little trivia for you to check out, which I should have done before I made this post 🙂 Like the other followers, I thank you for sharing this special time in your life with all of us. I know we all await her arrival with anticipation and love for all three of you. Until next time … Donna H. .


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