She’s Here……

After a long awaited 41 weeks, our little girl, Emma Kate arrived on January 28 at 2:47 p.m. weighing in at 7.4 oz and 20 inches long.


She spent 6 days in the Neonatal ICU with breathing complications, and finally after a long, exhausting, emotionally and physically draining time where days and nights ran together, and J-Dub and I ran through the motions, we came home.

I am spending my days at home recovering from a C-section, which is no easy task and something I was completely and totally unprepared for.

Emma Kate is the absolute joy of our lives.

I can never explain how much we love her, and I already feel like she is growing up too fast.  Where has the last 9 days gone?

Right now, she is filling up her diaper, and I don’t even mind!!

I’ll be updating soon, I hope, so bear with me.



  1. Oh, I think I’m the first to see her on the blog!!! Lucky me! She is so absolutely gorgeous! As you can see by all the exclamation points, I am very excited. I will try to tone it down a bit… but she is just so precious!!!! You take it easy. I can’t imagine having a c-section, but so sounds uncomfortable. I love that little girl, and I love love her name. Congrats to you guys. 🙂


  2. knotrune says:

    Congratulations 🙂


  3. Lenore Diane says:

    Congratulations, Angel and J Dub! Welcome to the world, Emma!
    I can only imagine how hard it must have been to have your new baby girl at the hospital without you. I am glad everyone is home now. Blessings!!


  4. Donna (GiGi) says:

    I’m not joking … I can barely see the screen through my tears!!! I let out a huge “squeal” when I saw it was going to be the long awaited photo of this BEAUTIFUL gift from God! She is amazing and I thank the good Lord for her safe arrival. (I surely must be “related” somewhere down the familial lineage to have this much emotion over a child whose parents I only “know” through a computer screen!!!) Sorry … got carried away there … and I need to call my kids so they can get a peek at “our” new addition that I talk about. Will be picking up some pink bubblegum cigars to pass out on Sunday at our “real” great-grandbaby’s first birthday party …( I know, I know .. getting a little bit obsessive here, right, but if Emma Kate doesn’t have a real GiGi (great-grandma) can I be hers long distance???? God Bless You All … Until next time … GiGi (Donna H.)


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