The first time I watched the movie Raising Arizona, I couldn’t believe how stupid it was.  But, in its defense, I didn’t really watch it.  I busied myself with other things, catching snippets here and there while my husband sat in his chair giggling his little butt off at, in my opinion, bad actors.

At a later date, I watched a little more of it, and then a little more, until finally I’d seen the entire movie and understood it.

In case you’ve never seen Raising Arizona, it’s about a couple (one outlaw, one law enforcement officer) who can’t have any children so they decide to kidnap one from a rich man and his wife who recently had quintuplets.  They figured that was too many babies for one couple and they probably wouldn’t even miss one anyway.

Here’s a little clip from the movie.  This scene takes place right after they have abducted Nathan Jr. and have him in the car.

I so get this.  I so get her.   That woman is me in a nutshell.  And J-Dub too.

We are utterly, completely head over feet in love with our new baby.  To the point of tears.  Add to that, my hormones which are up, down, east, and west and I can break down at any moment.

I have so many emotions.  Indescribable emotions.  From overwhelming love that I never knew existed…..

to guilt and remorse over the circumstances surrounding her birth……

to worry that every breath she takes is normal…….

to exhaustion from the past 11 days……..

to determination to give her the absolute best in life……..

to contentment when I feel her soft cheek next to mine…..

And to think, I am not alone.  Every mother in the world has felt these same feelings.

What an honor to be a mom.


  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Amen. Welcome to the world of Moms. (Sweet, sweet pictures, Angel.)


  2. Sharon Dibble says:

    There is nothing in the whole world quite like being a mommy


  3. Donna Mae Jones says:

    awh now u know….it is an awesome feeling…and i am so glad you have it…she is so sweet and u’ll be great parents…love you and your bundle of joy…enjoy..


  4. Marie says:

    Hey you sweet wonderful Momma, thanks for the post and the pictures. I just want you to know how proud I am of you, and to say I told you so! Now just enjoy every second cause tomorrow she will be graduating! Love ya!


  5. What a cutie. Congratulations!


  6. Auntie Velta says:

    Precious, Precious and more precious, yes the highest honor is to be trusted with raising children. emma is so sweet. take real good care of her. Love Auntie Velta


  7. Donna H. says:

    OMG she is soooo precious!! Thanks so much for sharing pics! You can see her Daddy is totally enthralled with her! I believe all Moms (Dads) have said (or felt) just like the mom in the clip, to know that this child has been chosen just for you two alone, is an unbelievable concept, when you really think about it! Wear your Mommy badge proudly, as I know you will, and soak up every moment because it goes by so very quickly! Continued God’s blessings on your beautiful family. Hope you can feel the “hugs” coming through! Until next time … Gigi Donna 🙂


  8. AUNTIE MIA says:

    OMG!! I absolutely LOVE Raising Arizona {you git up there and git me a baby High, I NEED a baby}.

    That was a precious post, Angel and I can’t wait to talk to you about your dream. Emma absolutely ADORES you, wants you, needs you but most of all she love YOU!!!


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