Really, Mom?

My baby’s got hats.  She’s got a lot of hats.  I am nuts for a knitted hat.  Or crocheted, since I don’t really know the difference.

But my baby’s also got problems.  Her head is small and her hats are big.

So while I’m waiting for her head to grow, I thought we’d try out a headband.  I’m not crazy about headbands, but decided she needed a different look rather than just her bare head.

This is what we got.

I don’t know, but there’s something vaguely familiar about those feathers on her head.

Oh, I know.  She kind of reminds me of one of these, only pink.

image courtesy of

Except of course, my baby girl is much cuter.

So, instead of toting her around looking like a white silkie rooster, I’ve decided we’ll wait for her to grow into her hats.
(and the whole world nods in agreement and sighs in relief)


  1. Donna H. says:

    Oh No .. I love the headband!! And she is about the most beautiful baby girl ever! (and that is saying a lot from this somewhat biased great grandma of three precious baby girls!!) When Hadley Claire ( our newest grgrandchild) was born, my daughter had knitted her a hat for everyday she was in the hospital … which was nine days, since she had some scary health issues (I’m thinking you can relate, right???) All is good now though but we have some kinda weird photos of her those first days with tubes and oxygen and WAY TOO BIG HATS for such a little squirt! I’m sure we will laugh at them when we look at them down the road! But I’m all about the headband thingys now! And, BTW, Emma has the most beautiful eyes! No wonder they showed up so pretty on her sonogram 🙂 Thanks for sharing the new photos. We wait for them with baited breath! My continued prayers for your precious family. Until next time … Donna H. (GiGi)


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    Angel!! That is priceless! What a hoot. Wow. Pure goodness.


  3. Amy says:

    That is a precious picture of a precious baby Emma! Congrats to you ans Jason on a job well done! looking forward to more parenting stories and pics!

    best of luck with all you chickies!



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