The ol’ Thumb Trick

I know this is bad.

I know this is bad.

I know this is bad.

finding her thumb for the first time

But isn’t it just so darn cute?

Emma Kate was hungry.  And if you can’t get the real thing to suck on, you go for the second best thing.  She hit the jackpot with her thumb and was going to town on it.

At first she had both her thumb and her forefinger in there, but shortly lost the forefinger and discovered the thumb was the way to go.

I’m not encouraging it, I just had to get a picture of it.

7 thoughts on “The ol’ Thumb Trick

  1. WWHHATT??? This child is genius … really! She has found her thumb already? (Guess my kids were really slow or somethun, huh?) I swear, next post you’ll be telling us she recited the preamble to the constitution! She’s just the sweetest thing ever and you just go right ahead and let her have her thumb, if that’s what makes her happy! Keep them cards and letters comin’ .. what a treat to come to the site and see this precious child. Makes my day! Until next time …Donna H.


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