Celebrate Good Times

My little traveler has already visited 3 states in her six short weeks of being alive.  She’s practically a world traveler.

Her first trip was to the Green Country of  Northeastern Oklahoma to visit her Okie relatives. Mainly this sweet great-grandmother who just so happens to share her birthday.

There’s only a mere 94 years difference in their ages.

We attended a wedding and EK put on a skirt, or rather a tutu, for the first time in her little life.

One shoe on and one shoe off.   Sounds like a nursery rhyme.

It was her first outing besides doctor checkups and of course, we forgot the diaper bag.  And of course, we needed the diaper bag.


This past Saturday, we celebrated more birthdays.  I turned 37, and EK turned 6 weeks old.  We celebrated with chocolate cake and tall glasses of whole milk while visiting more relatives in the mountains of New Mexico.

We sat by a crackling fire and watched the pine branches grow heavy with wet, fluffy snow and enjoyed good food and great hosts.

And now we’re back in the Lone Star State, nailing our feet to the prairie grasses.


  1. Donna H. says:

    Oh, I’m so happy to hear that Emma Kate has a “real” Great Grandma (besides this self-appointed, unrelated GiGi) and how precious is that beautiful photo of the two of them! I know how pleased your grandmother must have been to have spent some time with her. We went to a family function this past weekend and got to see all five of our great grandbabies!! Came home exhausted and covered with sticky handprints and who knows what else but we sure were “happy campers”! I adore the tutu outfit, by the way, and i feel terrible that this poor child has no cute outfits to wear … (ha.ha) I’d venture to quess she probably has not wore the same thing twice!! Thanks so much for the update and most of all for the photos. I wait patiently for them (really, I do!) Until next time … Donna H. (GiGi)


  2. Keep her traveling and she won’t be a kid that hates to travel and is always saying, “are we there yet”, how much further is it etc., my great neice is such a doll and I love the Tutu and also love her Mommy and Daddy. thanks for the pics. we look forward to them. I love you EK.


  3. Lenore Diane says:

    Angel! These pictures are adorable. EK is a cutie! She looks much older than 6wks in the frilly outfit. Cute cute stuff! Happy birthday to your Okie relative, and happy birthday to you, too, Angel.
    Don’t forget the diaper bag! 🙂


  4. That is so neat that great-grandma and she have the same birthday.


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