Just Emma

Eat, sleep, poop, repeat.

Our days   zoom past.

Eat, sleep, poop, repeat.

And I’m not just talking about EK either.

Eat, sleep, poop, repeat.

Sometimes in addition to the aforementioned, we take pictures.

And on occasion, I’ll get a request from a family member for more pictures of EK.

They pretty much all look the same.  EK is either sleeping or awake.

This past weekend my niece, Ash, decided to play photographer.   Inspired by my friend Lacee who recently crammed my baby in a  bucket and took some amazing pictures, Ash tried to reenact the same look, with some decent results like the one below.


I must go now.

One of us needs to eat, sleep, or poop.

And I’m not saying who.


  1. Velta Edwards says:

    Oh my this ole great auntie loves those pics, she has so much hair and her eyebrows are so thick. She is a beaut. and so contented, you all are so blessed to have her and vice versa. she is a doll, I can’t say enough about how beautiful she is. and looks very huggable and kissable , Muah, Muah


  2. Donna H.. says:

    There ought to be a law against being THAT CUTE!! and Auntie Velta is so right, her hair is amazing … but it is her eyes that has captured my heart!! (even before she made her grand entrance into this ol’ world) 🙂 Trust me though, it won’t be long before she will be doing a lot more than eat, sleep and poop, and you will be wishing you had the TIME to do those three things ! Until next time … Donna H. P.S. Just so you know, there’s a lot more folks than just “family” who look forward to your photos of EK, so let’s let Ash “do her thing” with the camera. She did an amazing job! I’m wild over the one with the white blanket and Lime green flower (headband?). Kudos to you Ash! There is no end to the talent in your family. XOXO


  3. Lenore Diane says:

    You are awesome for sharing EK with us, Angel. She is absolutely adorable. I cannot believe how big she looks in her face, yet with your hand by her head it is clear she is still so tiny! Cute stuff, Angel. You and JDub done did good! 🙂


  4. donna mae says:

    she is a dolly…


  5. Dalene says:

    My niece is gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to meet her!!! Thanks 4 sharing!! Love u guys!!!


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