2 months

My dear Emma Kate,

You are two months old already!  Time is zipping past.  I can’t hardly stand it.  I’m cherishing every day I have with you.   The biggest piece of advice I get from other moms is to not blink and take lots of pictures because you’ll be grown before I know it.  They aren’t lying either.    You are surely growing fast.

Today at the doctor you weighed 11 pounds 4 ounces.  You’ve gained 4 pounds  since birth.  Thats about an ounce a day.  You were whopping 23 inches  long.  Your growth chart shows you to be in the 75th percentile, which means only 25% of other 2 month olds are longer.  Me and your daddy can’t figure out where you got your longness.  If you keep it up, you won’t have to stand on the front row of your class pictures like your dad and I always did.

You are becoming much more vocal.  That’s mommy’s nice way of saying you’ve started having crying jags!  They’re not bad at all, but sometimes you begin to cry and we don’t know what’s wrong.  But you eventually settle down, and are your happy little self again.

This month you visited both Ruidoso, NM and Tahlequah, OK to meet kinfolk.  You stayed with babysitters for the first time ever.  The first one being you Aunt Linette who kept you while your daddy and I went for a walk together.  You’ve also stayed with your Grand about 4 times now.  So far, that’s going real well.  Mama only has 2 weeks left before she returns to work and it’s going to be so hard leaving you every day.  But the evening time will be ours.  We will cuddle, and hug, and kiss, and play.  And then summertime will be here and we’ll have all day together again.

We’ve been spending some time outdoors since the Spring weather has come.  You have no interest at all in the chickens, or horses, or dogs, even though they are real interested in you.  Drew and Grace want to smell you and lick you and find out who you are.  The chickens think you’re some kind of treat I’m bringing out to them, and the horses just think it’s feeding time too.

You still smile like a champion and are making some pretty high pitched squeals that will soon turn into laughs.  You hate being on your tummy, but Mama makes you have tummy time everyday anyway.  It’s good for you.

You get a nightly massage after your bath and I love that sweet time with you.  I think you like it too, except you’re pretty ticklish on your belly.  Even though your daddy said it would never happen, you are sleeping with us in the bed, but you’re not sleeping through the night yet.

The Bible says children are a reward from the Lord. A reward!!! I don’t know what we did to get a prize like you, but I thank God for you everyday!

We love you more than you can ever know.




  1. rayannsom says:

    cutie patoo-tie!


  2. Dana says:

    Angel, EK is beautiful. I want to thank you for this blog because it has brought back many happy memories for me. Reading this makes me remember the feelings I had as spent many minutes just gazing in amazement at my babies perfect lips, long eyelashes and wondering what I did to deserve this. My babies are 23 & 27 & I am so thankful I have those memories. Soak them in!


  3. Donna Mae Jones says:

    oh my that is sweet….she is so beautiful… enjoy they do grow so fast….u go… what happened?


  4. I love that baby!! She is just so adorable! You blessed little woman, you.


  5. Donna H. says:

    The ol’heart did another skip-beat cuz there were pictures of the sweet Emma Kate! Just when I think she can’t get any cuter, she does! I would hate to choose which one I like the best. The one with the “giggle” is so adorable, and the bath time one,.. I can almost smell how wonderful freshly bathed babies smell!!!! I know it will be difficult going back to work and leaving her for a few hours, but your time together wiill be so special. Can’t tell you how much we appreciate the photos and the updates. Blessings to your precious family. … until next time , Donna H.


  6. Lenore Diane says:

    Angel, what a very sweet letter to your little baby. I love the ‘reward’ sentiment, too. Amen. She is precious.


  7. Jolene says:

    Angel I love this. You are such a special mother. I love you and Emma both so much. I love Jason also. But thanks for sharing such a wonderful letter.


  8. Marie says:

    Love love love!


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