2012: The Year of the Moths

There’s seven of them hanging on my living room curtains.  Thirteen dead ones are lying on the floor. (yes, i know someone should sweep around here). Three flew out of the barbecue grill when I lifted the lid tonight.  I watched one actually crawl into an electrical outlet.  They’re in my car, my laundry piles,Continue reading “2012: The Year of the Moths”

Bad news from the Chicken ranch

It’s official. It’s confirmed. The bodies, er, the remains of my three missing chickens have been discovered. The culprit is unknown. Possibly a bobcat, maybe even a housecat. Who knows. But whatever it is has carried the chickens off to hide out while eating them. Unlike the coyote who was planning on chowing down rightContinue reading “Bad news from the Chicken ranch”

The Demise of the J&A Chicken Ranch

Well folks, I’m here to announce my flock of 14 birds is officially down to eight. I’m sad. The casualties are: 1 yellow chicken killed by a coyote in plain sight 1 yellow chicken found lying dead in the coop in March 2012.  Cause of death: unknown The remains of one yellow chicken (mostly feathers)Continue reading “The Demise of the J&A Chicken Ranch”