A Better World

I  think I’m officially a mommy blogger, as all my posts of late center around my baby.

But how can you blame me?  She has yet to lose that new baby smell as my husband jokingly says.

She is my obsession.
She will always be my obsession.

She is sleeping in my arms as I type, and oh, if only you could smell her!  She’s scrubbed clean, dressed for church, and doesn’t smell like sour milk.  Who knows if we’ll actually make it to church.  It’s so easy to hold her and let the minutes tick past, as if there is nothing more important than this.  Is there?

I find myself struggling with that very thing.  I must now make a conscious effort to find balance, especially in other relationships. I must give my loved ones some attention too.  They’re being neglected I feel.

A mother is a true servant to her children, sacrificing her time, food, showers, make-up, and all kinds of other previously thought important things to meet the needs of her babies.  We are called to be servants to everyone, just as Jesus Christ came to be a servant o all.  If only I could show love to every human being I encounter as much as I show love to this baby in my arms.  After all, isn’t love “action” rather than “feeling”?

I challenge myself to this greater love for others and it is HARD for me.  But I desperately need the world to be a better place for this darling girl to grow up in.  We CAN make a difference in someone’s life.  Let’s all try, okay?

For her.
And all the others.



  1. Marie says:



  2. Donna Mae Jones says:

    O.K. sounds good to me….have a good day sweetie….u kiss that sweet baby for me please…


    1. Angel says:

      I’ll do it. Take care of yourself.


  3. Verna Schroeder says:

    That is a beautiful thought. I know that same Mother’s love for my children. The world would be a lot better place if we could show that love to ALL our neighbors. Even the ones we don’t really like all that well. (those especially)! Thank you Angel for your blog, I love them all.


    1. Angel says:

      Thank you Verna. That means a lot.


  4. Lenore Diane says:

    I remember watching Johnson & Johnson commercials before giving birth. The commercial ended with, “A baby changes everything.” I find I use that ‘cliche’ often. There is no truer sentiment, as a baby truly changes everything – priorities, outlook, heart, energy, soul, temperament, etc.


    1. Angel says:

      Boy does it.


  5. Donna H. says:

    Oh boy, Lenore Diane is so right on about babies changing everything! And Angel, I believe you DO change the world for the better by being the amazing teacher you have been and will be, both to your students and your beautiful, precious daughter! You more than likely are not even aware of the changes you have already made in a child’s life by being their teacher and impacting their lives every day you are with them! Children live and learn by example and knowing that the Lord is your “Teacher”, I am comforted in the belief that you are an exemplary educator! Blessings to you and yours during this Holy Week. p.s. … the adorable shirt says it all 🙂 she is a “keeper”! Until next time .. Donna H.


  6. good stuff going on here with the rocket surgeon! 🙂


  7. Mama says:

    Angel, you are absolutely perfect in my eyes, as a teacher….which I have only heard accolades, and now as a Mother, which I see with my own eyes! I am sooooooo proud of you! It’s ao funny to me that you are so sweet, kind and soft spoken, and I am so LOUD and boistrous, that one day you said to me, “We only speak softly to Emma Kate.” And, then, here I come, loud and singing loud…..but, I think she likes me, anyway!


  8. Mama says:

    And, I know, know, know that she loves me, too!


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