T.G.I. F.

I’m so glad my workweek has only five days. I could not stand taking EK to the babysitter one more day this week.

She has a fabulous sitter. A wonderful lady, a wonderful home. I couldn’t ask for better. I know she is taken very good care of.

But I miss her. And I need her.
It has been my first full week back at work. I wish I could say it was easy. It wasn’t. Today especially. She was fussy this morning and we ran late. Every time I tried to put her down so I could get ready, she cried. She has a gunky eye and a stuffy nose and I know I’ve carried some bug home to her from this germ infested place called elementary school.

Added to that, I’m tired in the evenings and feel like I can’t give her the attention we both need.

This weekend I can’t guarentee I’ll do anything except spend time with EK. We will sing. We will read. We will play. We will snuggle. We will smile. And I will thank God for my job, but more so for the weekends.


  1. Donna H. says:

    Angel, hope your weekend with EK was all you anticipated! Just remember that housework, dishes, laundry, etc. will ALL wait … but your time with your child is beyond precious and is always fleeting! So I pray you did all the things you said, reading, snuggling, playing, and everything else! I know how hard it must be to leave her while you teach, but please remember what an important role you have in other children’s lives, as well. Your job is such an honorable one and Emma will be so proud of you and her daddy for being the wonderful, caring people they are! That being said, I can hardly wait for school to be out (snicker, snicker) so you can be with your girl!! Until next time .. Donna H.


    1. Angel says:

      I can hardly wait either and the best part is, I get to stay home with her next year. I’m so excited!


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