The Big Cake Switch

“Well, I’m officially thirteen”.

That’s what my sweet niece Ashlynn put on her Facebook status first thing this morning.

We celebrated with a little family party of cake with homemade ice cream and chocolate syrup.

That is,  after we got the cake situation straightened out.

My mom had ordered a cake from the local Supermarket Bakery.  I was to pick it up after school today.  All I knew is that is cost $17 and something and it was chocolate with chocolate icing.

So after school, Ash and I bebopped into the store and said we were there to pick up a birthday cake for Ashlynn.  The lady said, “This zebra cake turned out so good.”

“What kind of cake did you say?” I asked as she placed a small white cake box on the counter and opened it up to reveal a very small round white cake with zebra icing that read “Happy Birthday Ashlynn”.

Ashlynn mumbled something about that she thought it was going to have flowers all over it, and I took the cake with a smile.  My mom must have changed her mind, I rationalized.  We paid for the cake, $17 and something and went home to my mother’s house.

“This is not what I ordered,” mom stated as we showed her the cake.  ” I ordered a chocolate sheet cake with chocolate icing and flowers.”

We couldn’t believe how badly the bakery had messed up, but a cake’s a cake and no one was crying over it.

The cake was rather adorable and we learned later in the day that our cousin was coming over and had made Ashlynn a rainbow cake.  Add that to the 6 pack of cupcakes we picked up after seeing the size of the zebra cake, and we knew there would be plenty for everyone.

Right before the party, a friend came over and mom was telling her about how badly the bakery had screwed up her order, and then she said, “There must be another girl named Ashlynn having a birthday today.”

I said, “Oh, there can’t be. What are the odds of that happ…..” I barely got the words out of my mouth when I shouted.  “There is another girl name Ashlynn that has this same birthday.  She goes to my school.  A fourth grader I think.”

So we called the bakery, and sure enough there was a chocolate sheet cake with chocolate icing and flowers that read “Happy Birthday Ash” waiting on us to come and pick up.

I then rushed to the bakery and made the cake switch.

Now what are the odds of that happening?






  1. Donna H. says:

    Belated Happy 13th birthday to Miss Ashlynn! What an adorable young lady she is! I love the cake story … so glad you two gals didn’t stick your finger in the frosting “just to see if it was fit for human consumption” (ha,ha) on the way home from the store! I so probably would have done that 🙂 !!! Since I do cakes for a living, I find it interesting that I had a 13th birthday cake for an “Ashlee” on Thursday the 26th. Must have been a popular type of name back in 1999,, huh? Love seeing the photo of Ash, but am waiting anxiously to visit the site and see precious Emma Kate!. BTW, did you happen to go to Pioneer Woman’s site a couple days ago, and see the 2 minute video that the father put together of his baby girl from birth to 12 years of age! It’s probably been many other places as well, but I only visit your’s, Lenore Diane and Ree’s. When I watched it I immediately thought of your adorable little one, and what a special thing that would be to have at some point in her life! Check it out if you haven’t already seen it. (Get you some Kleenex first, tho .. O.K.? Until next time … Donna H.


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    Holy smokes! That’s funny! I am glad you were able to make the switch before the cake met the knife. (smile)


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