3 months

My Dearest, Darling Emma Kate,

You’re growing up much too quickly.  You’re no longer a tiny little baby but a whooping 12 pound 6 ounce three-month old.

I’ve had to put away your little newborn sized clothes, and it nearly broke my heart.  I can’t believe how tiny you used to be.   You’ve almost outgrown some of your 0-3 months already!  Slow down!

You are holding your head up mighty fine these days and you like sitting up big and tall and looking around the world.  You are tolerating your tummy time much better and will last about 3 minutes instead of 20 seconds before starting to complain.

You are reaching and grabbing now.  You hold onto my shirt while nursing, you hold on to your clothes if you can get them.  You try to help put your pacifier in your mouth, which I think you are becoming much too fond of, by the way!  You’ve started grabbing fistfuls of my hair and I have to pry your little hand loose. I’m careful not to wear dangly earrings around you for fear of the pain you may cause when you grab ahold  and yank.

You love the book “Pete the Cat. I Love My White Shoes”.


It makes you grin big, as do many other things.  You are quite the smiler these days and your smiles melt our hearts.  Especially when you give that bashful one where you close your eyes and duck your head.  So cute!!!

You are drooling like crazy and sucking on your fingers and fists so much you’ve sucked little red places on your knuckles.

This has been a big month for you.  I had to go back to work when you were almost 11 weeks old and you began staying with a babysitter every day.  You’ve tolerated that so well.   I think of you all day long while I’m working and can’t wait until 4:00 to get my hands on you again.  I’m looking so forward to when school’s out so we can be together all day again.

You are my everything, little one.  Words cannot describe the love I feel for you.  Always know this.  Always know how much you are loved, no matter what.




  1. Donna Mae Jones says:

    she is the best…and i can not believe that it has been 3 months…wow…


  2. Donna H. says:

    Yupp, here’s what I’ve been waitin’ for! I can hardly believe she is getting so big and more adorable every time we see new photos! (like that is even possible, right??) The one of her sleeping is so precious, it makes tears come to my eyes and say outloud “GOD IS GOOD” and “Thank you Lord” for this amazing gift to two special young people. Until next time .. Donna H.


  3. Lenore Diane says:

    She is beautiful, Angel, as are your words to her. I see your Dad in the first picture of Emma Kate. Same eyes. Wonderful.


  4. Jennifer Butler Basile says:

    Love ‘Pete the Cat’ – and my girls do, too. Enjoy reading it with your daughter!


    1. Angel says:

      Oh my gosh! We love him. He’s so groovy.


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