First Day on the Job with Daddy

Yesterday, EK went to work with J-Dub.  He’s breaking her in young.  He documented their day with pictures.

Driving lessons in the feed truck.
Someone has to get the gate.
Daddy and Emma counting cows.
There’s dinner……and I don’t mean steak.
Closing the gate.

Feeding G.G.
feeling the grass with her footsies for the first time.
Relaxing in the wildflowers after a long day’s work.

8 thoughts on “First Day on the Job with Daddy

  1. Priceless photos … I love the one with her and Daddy counting cows! She is too adorable for words. Hope you are enjoying summer! Until next time … Donna H.


  2. Ah, Sweet Emma, you are so adored! Adorable!! Thanks for documenting since her Mia is missing out on all the fun . . for now anyway


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