5 months

My sweet and precious Emma Kate, Today you are 5 months old.  I’ve known this day was coming, but it just doesn’t seem possible. I look at you and I can’t believe it.  That sweet tiny baby has morphed into a bundle of fun, with a  big grin and a bit of a mischievous natureContinue reading “5 months”

Pinterest, naps, and photography failures

Lately (besides EK) Pinterest has become my new BFF. I waste waaaaaaayyy too much time pinning goodies, and not any time at all actually doing any of the stuff I’ve pinned. You see, I have a baby 7 days shy of being 5 months old.  Shame on me for my ignorance, but I thought littleContinue reading “Pinterest, naps, and photography failures”

8 years ago yesterday

On Monday night at about 9:30, J-Dub says something to me from across the living room.  Since my ears aren’t exactly what they used to be, I repeat back to him, “Oh crap, you have to get groceries tomorrow???” He repeats himself.  This time much louder and stressing every syllable as a vein pops outContinue reading “8 years ago yesterday”