Day 1: Reporting In

I consider today my first day on the job as an official SAHM.

I was tired by 9:30.

Last week was actually the first week of summer vacation, but my sister and her two rug rats drove down from New Mexico and spent the week with us.  So, of course, the house didn’t get cleaned, boxes from my classroom didn’t get put away, and EK was not on a schedule (as if she’s ever been).  J-Dub also had some family drive in for the weekend, so I can assure you EK was extremely neglected with all the company.  But now the aunts and cousins have all returned to their normal routines, and the baby and I are trying to find our normal routine, if one even exists.

This is my favorite picture as of now.

Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll have another.

I love this picture because that is the image of the baby of my dreams.  A calm, quite, studious daughter who can be found with her nose in a book.

My mom bought EK these 12 little Disney board books. We began reading and EK took the book and put it in a perfect hold.  I had to take a quick snap with the camera, as it didn’t last long.

For the past 4 months, we’ve wondered what kind of a kid EK is going to be.  What kind of an adult?  What kind of a an overall human being.  As much as I’d love to snuggle up in bed on Saturday and read books together, I’m beginning to get the feeling she isn’t going to want to be still for very long.

I know you have all said she has been alert since the day she was born, and it’s true.  Even now, she won’t hardly sleep because she’s afraid she’s going to miss something.  Nursing is beginning to present yet another challenge as she pops her head up and looks around at the slightest sound.  Even snapping her picture while she naps awakens her.

She kicks her little legs  fiercely and pedals a million miles a day on her imaginary bicycle.

She’s a little roly poly now too as she’s learned how to roll across the room.  I lay her on her blanket, leave the room for 1 minute (I swear) and she’s across the room chewing on the vacuum cleaner cord.

I’ve spent my first day as a SAHM trying to clean the floors since she’s on the move.  Because you see, I have this shedding problem.  It’s my hair.  It comes out in GOBS.  It’s probably an undiagnosed medical condition of some sort, and it is totally gross when you pick up your baby and have to grab long brown hair out of her wet little fists and off her wet little chin.  I know…..Grody, Gross, Gross.

On the bright side, I’m looking forward to the weight loss when I’m chasing her around the house.
A girl can dream anyway, can’t she?

On the go or sleeping, she’s a dollbaby.  That’s all there is to it.  Her personality is beginning to emerge and even if she isn’t that calm, quiet, studious child; she’s mine.

And I couldn’t be happier.


  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Tired by 9:30 … too funny.
    I remember when my boys started popping off while nursing. It was always funny to me how they did not want to miss anything.


    1. Angel says:

      It’s very funny, but a bit aggravating at the same time, especially when it leaves an exposed nipple haha.


  2. Donna H. says:

    Gosh Angel, I just never know what to say when I see her pictures! It just brings the “huge-est” (is that a word?) smile to my face every time! I love ALL the photos and the second one of her “gnawing” on 101 Dalamations made me laugh out loud cuz’ my Mom always bought my kids tons of books and would always say, “buy ’em books and buy ’em books, and all they do is eat the covers!” Mom is gone now (she would be 100 years old tomorrow!) and the kids are all grown up and they ALL love to read..and so do their kids, thanks to Mom! Thanks for this post and for sharing your story with us. A special thanks to God for this precious baby girl! Until next time … Donna H.


    1. Angel says:

      I hope she loves to read too Donna. And she brings the huge-est smile to my face too!!! Thanks for reading.


  3. Samantha says:

    Hey!!! I just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD!!!


  4. That baby girl is just too too cute!! And give about three to five years. You’ll get those snuggly, rocker reading days. 🙂


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