Pinterest, naps, and photography failures

Lately (besides EK) Pinterest has become my new BFF.

I waste waaaaaaayyy too much time pinning goodies, and not any time at all actually doing any of the stuff I’ve pinned.

You see, I have a baby 7 days shy of being 5 months old.  Shame on me for my ignorance, but I thought little babies took morning and afternoon naps.  I thought little babies took naps that lasted anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours.  During this much adored nap time, I had imagined myself an accomplished woman.  Cleaning, exercising, cooking, baking, organizing, gardening, blogging.

Again I say, shame on me.

For my little near 5 month old, as precious as she is, is not the long napper.  She is the cat napper.  No sooner have her little eyes closed as they pop open again. And there she is with a  big grin on her face, ready to interrupt whatever project I am neck up in.


But today, and maybe only for today, I’m going to blog about something I’ve accomplished.  It’s going to make me feel better about myself and all the time I seemingly waste.

The very first Pinterest project I did was a copy cat idea that I previously blogged about where I used buttons and canvas to spell Emma’s name for her nursery.  I liked how it turned out.  Image



This past weekend I saw a cute idea for Father’s Day, so I decided to play photographer.

It seemed so simple.  Make some letters, take EK’s picture eating holding the letters, arrange them in a frame for her daddy.  Easy peasy, right?


Uh not really.  This simple idea took me three days. It turns out, photography is hard.  Compounded with her daddy walking in and us having to scramble to hide what we’re up to, and a poor layout for the photos, it didn’t exactly turn out as I wanted.  Why is it my mind always imagines things much easier, better, simpler, cheaper, and quicker than reality.  Do I live in a fantasy world?  We’ll leave that question to ponder.

However, I think he was pleased and, well…..

she does love her daddy.

photo by Jenny Edwards


  1. Donna Mae Jones says:

    love it….


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    So… is that your creation with D A D, Angel? I think it turned out beautifully! Perhaps not the easiest craft, but I really like the end result. The picture with Emma and her Dad is gorgeous. Warms the heart.


  3. Samantha says:

    I love the button name wall hanging thing 🙂 The picture thing for fathers day was lovely as well:)

    My daughter is almost 7 months old and she is not a long napper either 😦 it can be quite annoying, but then again how can you resist a smiling cute chubby gumless face 🙂


  4. Samantha says:

    by the way I meant toothless.. not gumless.. its been a long day and its late. lol


  5. Donna H. says:

    I loved your “button” creation when you posted it back then and it is even cuter up close! And I think the Father’s day photo collection is way too cute, and even more special since you made it! Recently Ree (Pioneer Woman) had a Love photo contest (I’m sure you are aware of that since you probably “pop” over there on occasion 😉 ) and you REALLY should have submitted the photo of EK and JDub! I’m almost certain it would have been one of the finalists! (at least if I was a judge, for sure!!!) That is an amazingly beautiful shot that captures so many emotions, You can “feel” the circle of love between the two of them! Kudos to your talented photographer and thank you, as always, for sharing your life, your humor and your adorable child with us! Until next time….Donna H. P.S. I so get you about the Pinterest thing! It has become my newest guilty pleasure as well.


  6. what a neat post!! I loved the DAD picture. Emma is so very cute “eating/holding” the letters. You have many talents, good talents, that I have enjoyed being privy to!


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