I’m sitting at the base of a mountain, more or less, breathing in a piney smell, listening to birds, an occasional hummingbird’s soft sound and then the loud obnoxious caw of the crow.  The sky is dark with rain clouds, the thunder is booming in the distance.  It’s a cool 70* which just so happens to also be the high temperature of the day.  My senses are Alive.  Aware. Awake.

Glorious.  That’s a word that can be used, and is used by the locals around here.  The rain comes daily this season, beautiful, refreshing, life-giving rains.  It waters the tall pines, rushes over rocks in little streams, wets the pine needles cluttering the ground, cools the air until little goose bumps rise from my skin.  “Isn’t it glorious?”  the people say to no one in particular.  They speak to the pines, the deer, the birds.

Yes, we all agree silently.



  1. Donna H. says:

    Is this like “Where’s Waldo”? I can’t imagine where you are but wherever it is… I WANT TO BE THERE TOO! It is 102 degrees (record breaking) here today! Sounds heavenly and I’m definitely envious for sure. Rain? what is that exactly. Been a while since we’ve seen that! Here’s hoping you are enjoying your time and have a safe trip home. Until next time …. Donna H.


  2. Angel says:

    It’s a nice break from the heat! Wish you were here. I’d love to talk with you face to face!


  3. Lenore Diane says:

    Your glorious surroundings agree with you and your writing. This was wonderful. Short. Simple. Wonderful. And this… “”Isn’t it glorious?” the people say to no one in particular. They speak to the pines, the deer, the birds.
    Yes, we all agree silently.”


  4. Angel says:

    LD, your comment means the world to me.


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