Howdy, friends.

Oh, hey there!

It’s me.  Don’t you recognize me?

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I know, I know, I’ve been much too quiet lately.

Oh?  You don’t agree?  Has it been a nice break for you?

Well, not for me!  I’ve missed you all so.

Life is happening with this old gal, I tell ya.  First of all, my computer has been in the shop due to, uh, what is it called, oh yeah, accidental damage from handling.  Translation:  a cracked screen.  One day my camera rolled off the ottoman and landed on top of my closed laptop.  I gasped!  I quickly picked up my camera, inspected it once, maybe twice, found no damage, and silently told myself that was a close call.  Only to find the next day a nice shattered screen and a spider web of cracks on my laptop screen.  Fortunately my husband had the good foresight when he purchased the laptop for me in January to buy insurance.  I thought it would be a snappy ordeal, but was again dismayed to discover they had to ship off my laptop and it would take 2 weeks.  TWO WEEKS!  What can a girl do, but wait it out.

In the meantime I’ve been using my phone to stay connected, but blogging on my phone is just no fun, so I’ve just been waiting it out.

But now, we’re together again.  How sweet it is.

So since it’s been a while, I’d love to catch you up on what’s been going on with me, but alas, that would take all of 2 seconds.  Not much is going on here except I have a precious six month old.  I’m not sure if I’ve told you that before or not.  Would you like to see a picture?

I know you’ve seen her, but really she’s worth looking at again isn’t she?

You’re smiling aren’t you?  I knew it.

And do you love that little get up she’s got on?  Well, it’s your lucky day because I have quite a few of them.  Actually, I’ve started a little online business and named it after my sweet little inspiration Emma Kate.  You can find a sampling of our goodies on Facebook.  It’s right here at this address:

Go ahead and hop on over there and like the page, I’d sure appreciate it.

Not too long ago I was reading some of my old blogs from way back and it just made me homesick for the way things used to be.  You remember, blogging almost everyday?  Attempting to post a blog everyday.  I truly love it.  It gets under my skin.  I need to write like dogs need shade on an August day.  It helps me with the ordinary day to day dealings.  I’m going to try to do better.

Also, I’m on a diet, but what else is new.

That’s about it for me.

What about you?

How’s life going?



  1. Lenore Diane says:

    It’s so good to see you and Emma Kate again. I am glad you are all doing well. Sorry about the laptop screen. Drag.
    Emma Kate’s outfit is adorable, and I will certainly check out what you’ve created on Facebook. Good for you!
    Nothing new here. Like you, I’ve not been blogging much, and I miss it. I have the stories in my head, but I am having a hard time releasing them from my head.


    1. Angel says:

      I’ve noticed you’ve been quieter lately yourself. Even though I don’t comment, I read!


      1. Lenore Diane says:

        Aw thanks. The picture taking is keeping me busy, and the summer left me with little down (aka quiet) time. I have two posts I am itching to get completed. Soon, I hope.


  2. Donna H. says:

    Goodness girl, I have missed you so! But I remember what it is like with a six month old (even though it’s been a verrryy looonng time) ! And you can always be forgiven by providing a photo of precious Emma Kate!!! You are so right … I had a very BIG smile when I saw it come up on the screen! She gets more adorable every time (is that even possible?) I love what you have designed and now making that available to others is a great idea. I hope it becomes all you wish for. I have told you before I can’t sew a “lick” but my daughter inherited some skills from another generation I’m sure, because she is an amazing seamstress. However, she always reminds me that she can’t decorate a cake either! Talk about cake … this has been one of my busiest years in the 38 years I’ve been a wedding cake designer! I have at least one wedding every weekend, so I’ve been up to my eyeballs in frosting and fondant 🙂 and I guess that’s a good thing, right? I look forward to “hearing” from you again soon and of course, more pictures of EK in yet another spectacular creation! Until next time … Donna H.


    1. Angel says:

      Donna, Donna, Donna, I am soooo glad to hear from you. My posts have been sporadic I know, but you haven’t commented on the last two or three and you are one of my most faithful readers. I was so worried about you. I know this is going to make you feel terrible probably, but maybe a little good to know that I was so concerned about not hearing from you that I googled your obituary! Thankfully, I did not find it!!! Congrats on the cake business! I wish I had a slice right now.


  3. Donna H. says:

    Ha ha ha … I love it! You can “google” an obituary??? See, I learn something new from you and the world every day! No ..I’m still on “this side of the dirt” as I always say, and mighty glad to be here, too. Be assured that just ‘cuz I don’t comment, I come to this site EVERY DAY to see how my “Angel” and her family is doing. It never ceases to amaze me that people can feel so “connected” and yet have never met in person! I can only imagine what it would be like to be on Facebook (I just haven’t ventured that far out there yet)! I do hold you, J-Dub and sweet Emma in a special place in my heart and truly have no logical explanation for that connection, but am grateful for it all the same. I believe God may have something to do with that … watta you think? Until next time .. Donna H.


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