Feeding the Big Chickens

We recently had a family picnic at the park.  It was a beautiful September day and we were in the big city, so we decided to grab a couple burgers and enjoy them under the treetops. The park has a big lake with walkers and joggers circling it.  A few fisherman had cast their polesContinue reading “Feeding the Big Chickens”

sleeping, eating, and other motherly woes

Of one thing I’m certain:  each day that I’m given is more proof of how little I know. We’ve all been there, a time in our life when we thought we knew it all.  When we stuck our chest out and announced, if only to ourselves, “I got this.” For me that was 7 monthsContinue reading “sleeping, eating, and other motherly woes”

Under the weather

It’s September 15th, or is it the 14th?  Regardless of the number on the calendar, it is my favorite time of year.  It’s a dreary, overcast day and my thoughts bounce around randomly, like an annoying fly trying to find a place to light, but never satisfied for long. I’m feeling a tad under theContinue reading “Under the weather”