8 months

Hey sweet Emma!

You’re a little doll, dear.  As beautiful as ever, and growing so big.

For a while now you’ve been belly crawling, but this month you decided to try out the old hand and knee crawl.  It’s still a bit clumsy, and you really only do it when you don’t have a shirt on.  I don’t think you like the feel of the hardwood on your belly.  But you still prefer the “wounded soldier” crawl and drag one leg behind you.  You’re pretty fast at it too!  You certainly don’t let many things stop you either, that’s why your daddy calls you his little 4 X 4.  It’s so fun watching you explore your new world, and learning to be so independent.

You are pulling yourself up now to every surface that you can reach.  The ottoman, the dining room chairs, the toy box, the drawers in the kitchen, and mostly my pant legs.  You are a brave little thing, taking one hand off while standing up.  You think you are much bigger than you really are.  But I love your confidence and hope you always keep it, with humility of course.

Although your only 8 months old, the tag in your clothes says 12 months!  Thankfully, you haven’t had to go to the doctor since your 6 month check-up, so we don’t know how much you “officially” weigh, but when we weigh you, our scales here say about 19 pounds.

You have 2 new teeth, but you are a nonconformist, and decided instead of getting your two upper teeth like you’re supposed to, you might as well be a vampire for Halloween, and have cut one fang, and are working on the other.

Have I ever told you how smart you are?  Your mind works constantly.  You are super observant, and want to know how things work, like your car seat buckle, which I’m afraid you are certainly going to figure out.  You are trying real hard to patty cake right now, and I know you understand everything I say.  You yourself are a jabber box too.  You have all kinds of new sounds, you can say bye-bye and are practicing wiggling your fingers.  You talk all the time and I wish I knew your language.

I am trying real hard to be the best mommy I can.  Sometimes it’s frustrating because I don’t have an instruction manual for you, and I’m not sure if I’m making the right decisions.  Please always know you are loved immeasurably, dear one and I’m always thinking of you.

I love you!






  1. odoyo123 says:

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    All of us went through, nice


  2. Velta Edwards says:

    She has lots of extended family that love her so much, she is a gift from our Heavenly Father for all of us. Great Aunts, Great Grandma, lots of cousins, uncles, Aunt Jo. and don’t forget her grandma’s who I’m sure love her very month. I’m sure her grandpa Bob met her before she got here, he must have had something to do with putting her with you and Jason. makes us all less sad that he is gone. God is so good. and He knows you will take good care of EK and train her to walk in His steps.


    1. Donna H. says:

      Ohhhh those eyes, those eyes … I remember back when you first shared her ultrasound, thinking to myself “she is going to have amazing eyes” … now THAT was an understatement!!!! She is so precious, Angel, and you and Jason are doing a wonderful job of parenting, I’m sure. even without an instruction manual 🙂 Please give her a big ol’ hug from this “far away (and unrelated) granny” when you tuck her in tonight. Until next time … Donna H.


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