Chasing Rabbits

We have these two dogs. Drew and Grace.   Grace is so appropriately named and could have easily been named Faith.  She is loyal to the end.  Always there right beside you. Drew on the other hand, should have been named Retard. He’s just  a big goofy dog who likes to chase rabbits. We haveContinue reading “Chasing Rabbits”


There’s this movie that probably came out in the 90’s or something called Donnie Brasco.  I watched it once, a long time ago, and it was a decent movie. Decent, if  you like filth, and violence, and mafia crime.  Sex, and cussing, murder and mayhem.  Which, hey,  Iain’tgonnalie,   I do. Sometimes I even likeContinue reading “Forgetaboutit!”

Sleeping on the Floor Part 3

“Having children is like living in a frat house – nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.” ― Ray Romano Last night marked Day 5 with my comfy “bed on the floor” gig. And boy oh boy, I’m feeling like I can move mountains! I’m almost afraid to tell you forContinue reading “Sleeping on the Floor Part 3”

Sleeping on the Floor Part 2

I’m continuing to log my experience with getting my little 8 month old to sleep in her own crib, eliminate night time feedings, and sleep through the night. According to Tracy Hogg, a.k.a. The  Baby Whisperer, children fall into typically 5 different categories,  of course usually with some overlap.  Now since this post is aContinue reading “Sleeping on the Floor Part 2”

Sleeping on the Floor Part 1

I have a great mattress.  It’s one of those Sleep Numbers, where you can adjust the firmness.  A few years ago, J-Dub and I pranced into the mall with a credit card and succumbed to a sales pitch. Impulse Buying + Credit Cards = The American Way, right? I can’t remember my sleep number;  IContinue reading “Sleeping on the Floor Part 1”