Life in the Real World

I have an addiction to Facebook.

Before that I had an addiction to MySpace.

And before that, I had an addiction to different community forums like exercise and teaching ideas where I could converse with others and learn from them.

I guess it’s not the worse addiction you can have, it’s not terribly expensive, but like any addiction it controls my mind and steals my time.

I remember when the internet was invented, yes I do.  I was at my sister’s house, she was showing me around the World Wide Web and it was a confusing mess with its browser buttons and home page.  I remember thinking I would never understand it and why would I even need to.

Then, for me anyway,  computers were for writing college papers and nothing more.  A fancy typewriter that didn’t need correction tape.  There were no such things as digital photos or downloadable music.   We had 35 mm film and a cassette player.  What more could we possibly need?

I have grown to love the internet, in the most unhealthy of ways.  If I counted the hours of my life that has been, dare I say it, robbed by sitting in front of the computer, I would be riddled with guilt.  It is my Encyclopedia  Britannica.  My source of information at my fingertips.  It is my friend finder, connector to others and relationship builder.   And with my blog, it is my voice.

It’s not all bad.  The internet has taught me much.  Where would my brain be without all the useless knowledge with which I’ve filled it?   It has brought me closer to others.  In the last few years of my dad’s life, we grew to know one another  in a deeper, more personal way.  A way in which we never would have experienced if left to our own conversational abilities, of which neither of us are considered stellar.   And I cherish that.  But with the invention of smart phones, the connection to the internet has gone overboard for me.  Even though I want to believe it is enriching my life, I often wonder if it is in reality sucking the life out of me.

Two weeks ago I deactivated my Facebook account.  Like an addict, I can say today it has been 14 days since I’ve drunk in Facebook, snorted the comments of others, inhaled the sometimes hateful, sometimes loving, sometimes funny, sometimes snarky remarks and jokes of friends and family.

I ain’t gonna lie, I’ve missed it.  It is the first thing I think about doing when I wake up, and throughout the day I catch myself wanting to write on my wall and cyberstalk others.  But it’s been one of the best things I’ve done as well.  I long for the connections with others, but I tell myself that anyone who gives a rip about me has my number, knows my address, maybe has my email and can find me if they truly want to.  It’s nice to have been missed by a few, but for the most part, I’ve discovered my “friends” are merely “acquaintances”.

Will I be back?  Who’s to say.  I’m working on my real-life relationships instead.  Trying to improve my real-life self and draw meaning from this place called life.

So if you’re reading, thanks for stopping by.

I wish you’d say hi.

I probably miss you.


22 thoughts on “Life in the Real World

  1. Yeah.. the internet sure is an addiction. Facebook most of all, It’s my main source for answers when I have questions, going from a good movie to other more important stuff.
    I wonder how it was before internet was invented. How life was back then. Since I’m only 20 years old, I have no idea. And sadly, probably never will x


    1. Hi MP, well I’m 17 years older than you and I remember life before the internet. Sometimes it seems like it was simpler and better but I guess all “old” people long for the “good old days”. Some day, this will be your “good old days” too, so relish them!


  2. Your absence was noticed by me. For the record, and all.
    I deactivated my account several years ago. I was off Facebook for at least a year. I’ve also given it up for Lent on more than one occasion. I will more than likely give it up for Lent in 2013, too. Lately, with the election, FB has frustrated me more than inspired me. FB has been a platform my so-called friends used to spew hatred and negativity. I don’t understand it, Angel. If I were in a room with these same people, they wouldn’t act that way. I don’t like how social media really changes people. Makes me wonder if my friends are ‘real’ online or offline.
    Please keep blogging.


    1. Oh Lenore, my sentiments exactly! Part of me wishes I were on FB last night (since I have no TV) and then part of me is so glad I wasn’t!! Today too. Thanks for noticing I was gone! I’ll keep blogging as long as you do, deal? I wish you’d give me your new blog address with your buddy since I don’t have it written down anywhere.


      1. Funny you should ask for the address of my co-blog. She and I are talking about writing a blog about social media and kindness. In fact, I copied my comment and emailed it to her. Not sure when we’ll get the post up – but it is officially a work in progress.
        Here’s the link to our blog:


  3. I thought you had blocked me…lol.
    Kuddos for pulling the plug. I keep telling myself I need to do the same. Right now I have Shabby Gypsy to use as an excuse to keep my addiction. That may change after the first of the year though.
    I do miss reading about your life and I really miss pics of EK just so you know. 🙂


    1. Oh Michelle, I’d never block you, well unless you make me mad, then maybe. 🙂 Yes, I got a little booth for my Emma Kate’s clothes so I’m just trying that route instead. I’m going to keep blogging pics of EK, so check back.


  4. Guess this is the first time I have replied, I love reading your stuff especially about your Dad and the way y’all grew up, I hope you keep your blog going, and I will miss ya on FB.

    Sincerely Wes


  5. I miss you on facebook…but I’m fixing to make the leap, too. It’s just too hateful out there, and it will be best for me to pull the plug 🙂


  6. Hi Girlfriend! We were gone for a couple days to see the last of the “fall” scenery around here and made a decision before we left, not to open the “tablet” while we were gone! It felt pretty good, actually! Since I never have been into the FB “thing” I guess I didn’t know you were gone, but I sure would hate to see you give up this “little corner of the world” !! Being much older and way less knowledgable about the internet, I never could figure out why everyone wanted to spend so much time with trivial things on FB, so I disengaged after only a few days, way back when!! I guess I really got “scared” of the consequences of it, after my granddaughter (25 yrs old) lost her job in the hospital ER after she posted a call for prayers on her FB page, for a family who lost a mother in a car accident and she never even used the person’s or family’s name! The hospital had a “one strike, you’re out” policy! Obviously, someone who she “friended” turned her in and wasn’t such a good friend after all! I would miss you, your thoughts and of course. pictures of EK more than you know, but am glad you are nurturing the things that are really important in your life! I’m betting you will be the encouragement some of your followers need to “cease and desist”
    as well. Whatever your decision, you and your family will always be dear to my heart. I admire your taking on a challenge and doing what is best for you and yours! P.S. you’ve got my email .. email is good 🙂 Until next time … Donna H.


    1. Yes, I’ve heard of those things happening out there too. FB can be good and can be bad. Thanks for sticking around 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the fall foliage.


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