Just Because

Just because it’s Tuesday (I think).

Just because she’s 9.5 months old (tomorrow).

Just because she hasn’t pulled her hair bow out or her socks off (yet).

Just because she’s been under the weather and today is the first day in nearly a week that she is back to her old self (almost).

Just because before I know it, she’s going to be walking (or driving) (or both).

Just because she’s adorable (totally).

Just because.

12 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. You REALLY know how to MAKE MY DAY! She is beyond adorable! Have you ever thought how long those nine months of carrying her in your tummy seemed and this last nine months seems like nine minutes!!! Wishing your family and all your followers a Happy thanksgiving! We are all blessed to have so much to be thankful for! Until next time … Donna H.


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