The Rat


Ah, the joys of moving.  I’m in the middle of moving to a new home, which means a whole lot of cleaning, throwing out, organizing, donating, uncluttering, and packing.

I’ve tried to organize the process and do a little bit in a certain area each day, and so far I’m about 5 days behind schedule.

I have empty boxes piled in the living room, right next to packed boxes piled in the living room, while still trying to maintain the rest of the house and quite frankly, I feel like I’m living in a rat hole.

I’m not sure why story books and cartoons portray mice as such cute critters.

If you ask me, there is nothing cute about a mouse.

They’re dirty, they’re nasty, they scurry about leaving those little mouse turds behind.  And I just got the shivers, no lying.  In the cartoons, they always have a cute little face and live in a  tidy little mouse-hole with a rocking chair and an afghan.  Maybe a little table and a few chairs formed from old thread spools they’ve collected.  Mama mouse wears an apron and daddy mouse usually dons a vest with a pocket watch with a pair of spectacles resting on his nose.

But that’s Hollywood or Walt Disney and certainly not an accurate portrayal of the rodent which I hate.

Living in the country, mice are pretty inevitable.  I mean, really I’m living on their turf out here in a big open field.

Not too long ago, I blogged about my mouse troubles here.  And how I went about getting two little kittens from my mom’s to help ward off the mice.

Well, I think they are doing their job.

Or something is.



This is the gross of the grossest, I know.  But this rat was lying dead in the drive the other day.   J-Dub doesn’t have a gigantic foot by any means, but nonetheless that is one big dude.

Funny, I don’t see his little pocket watch or spectacles.  This isn’t one of Cinderella’s little helpers is it?  More like Templeton from Charlotte’s Web, who is the accurate depiction of a true rat. A  nasty, fat, filthy varmint.  A dead one, at that.

So kudos to the cats.

Or the dogs.

Or the sudden acute coronary thrombosis that took his life.



  1. I have so enjoyed catching up with your blog today. Except for the rat pic of course. hahaha I hate them as well! But I love your blog and have had a great time this morning reading it. Also had to have a gander at the girl. I was missing watching her grow up!


    1. Angel says:

      Aw, thanks so much!!! I’m always glad to see you stopped by as well.


  2. Donna H. says:

    UUGGH ! That is one crazy big rat! (I had to laugh out loud when I read that part about the “acute coronary thrombosis” 🙂 This post took me back many years ago (55, to be exact) to when we lived in Natchitoes, Louisiana in a big lovely old home right on the river that runs through the city. I was a first time mom to a precious six months old baby boy, and one night I had this “overwhelming” urge to go check on him. When I turned on the lamp on the dresser next to his crib, there was a huge beady-eyed rat staring at me …. we moved the next day!!! O.K., we really moved the next week, but seriously, we moved the baby’s crib into our room and I spent every night sleeping with one eye open! It took me a long time to recover from that experience! Let me just say that Natchitoes is a lovely place, especially about this time of year when they decorate with thousands of lights and there is a huge holiday celebration! They may even put some lights on those big “river rats” (ha,ha) I’m guessing you aren’t moving there cuz’ you said there were “moutains in your future”, so thought it was O.K. to tell you a rat/Louisiana story! Until next time … Donna H.


  3. Donna H. says:

    Sorry to all the folks in Natchitoches, La …I never could remember how to spell it even when I lived there!


  4. ACK! Somehow I missed the post about you moving to another state. I know we never hung out much, but there goes one of my last local friends. *sigh* I was at Austin school the other day for the 5th grade Christmas program, and I thought of you. Even then, before I knew you were moving, I regretted not spending more time with you. Now I really do!

    Can I help with moving, organizing, or anything else? I’d love to, if you need it!



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