The Party




Our baby girl turned one.

We drove to Texas early to celebrate with our  family and close friends.


Here’s Emma Kate with her Grandy, who loves her so much.  Let me tell you how much Grandy loves Emma.  My mom (Grandy) never, and I mean NEVER allows her picture to be made.  Except with Emma.  Now that’s love, right there.

I tried to keep the party as simple as possible, and discovered that birthdays can easily get out of hand, and my stress level can easily go through the roof, with tears easily running down my cheeks.

Emma Kate loves Pete the Cat, especially “I Love My White Shoes”.  So with a little help from Pinterest and more experienced mothers who have gone before me, we went with a Pete the Cat theme.


Let me tell you how much Pete the Cat loves his white shoes.  He loves his shoes when they are white, but then he steps in a pile of strawberries and they turn red.  Instead of boohooing, Pete just loves his red shoes instead.  And when he steps in a pile of blueberries and they turn blue, instead of pitching a fit, he just loves his blue shoes.  Then he steps in a pile of mud and you guessed it.  He loves his shoes brown.  Then he steps in a bucket of water and they turn all white again, but then they are wet!  But it’s all good with Pete and he loves his wet shoes too.


Of course we needed strawberries and blueberries.  We had a little chocolate pudding for the mud, and then just some one year old friendly foods like crackers and goldfish, with some grown-up friendly food like sandwiches





I was planning on cake balls and a cake, but making the cake turned into a fiasco.  A fiasco, I say.

Mostly because I procrastinate, and because I am so NOT Betty Crocker, I can barely get the stove turned on.  It would make more sense to order a cake, but somewhere in my perfectionist mind, I needed to make the cake myself, knowing good and well it wouldn’t be perfect.

Of course I found a recipe that involved way too many tricks and steps, of course I had to run to Walmart that day, of course at 1:00 I still didn’t have a cake made when the party was at three, of course tears were dripping into the batter as I frantically mixed and folded egg whites and sifted flour.

The icing turned out to be way too sweet and runny, but thanks to my dear husband who donned his Superman cape and convinced me that store-bought icing is not from the devil, then in the blink of an eye ran to the store and purchased it, then whisked back in a nanosecond and iced the cake beautifully, we had a decent cake before three o’clock.  No cake balls, but a decent cake.


Notice I said “we” had a beautiful cake.  Emma had one with sickening sweet icing.



Which probably explains this look and why she chose to eat three strawberries and barely touched the cake.





She was a champ at opening presents and sat there and looked at each and every one of them without tiring.

She adores presents and wants to stop and play with them all.



She even loved her cards.






Despite my anxiety, the party was a success and the love Emma received was awesome.


So here’s to planning birthday party #2 eleven months early.

Maybe that way, we can have cake balls.




  1. AB says:

    So glad I was there. It WAS a good party. Love


    1. Angel says:

      Thank you Aunt Bert, glad you were there too! Love you.


  2. carolyn jacobs says:

    i love to read all your stories. I cannot believe that precious girl is already one. Where did that year go. I will soon be a great grandma in February to a little boy, This will be my first experience with a boy so hope I learn quickly. lol Keep us posted and continue to have fun in the baking dept. lol


    1. Angel says:

      Thank you Carolyn, and Congrats on the new one!!!


  3. Judith says:

    Love the Story, Love the Girl and Love the Author….. Hats off to the Grandy and the Superman Daddy. I’m sorry I missed the party.


    1. Angel says:

      me too. On all of that.


  4. Aw, so glad we get to be part of the party even though we weren’t physically present. Blessed.


  5. Donna H. says:

    Wow girlfriend! You sure didn’t need ANY help in the party-planning OR cake department! I love the Pete the Cat theme and my darling great-grandbabies all love that book, too! I do have to say I totally laughed out loud at the look on EK’s face in her “smash” cake picture 🙂 although I’m sure it wasn’t because of the taste of the frosting!!! Have never tried canned frosting, (duh) but have to say, what you did with it looks amazing! One of my ggbabies is having a 2nd birthday party on February 9th and I’m doing a Lady Bug cake and (guess what?) CAKE BALLS!!! Do try to find some time over the next year to “dabble” in that process … they are pretty cute, pretty easy and you can make them a bit ahead of time!! (in case you aren’t near a Walmart!) I love you all .. Until next time ..Donna H.


    1. Angel says:

      Yes, I needed your help!!! Complete amateurs here.


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