Just the beginning

She’s barely one.

And I’m pretty sure I’m in over my head.

When she’s sleeping, I’ve got it made.  Piece of cake.


But when she’s awake, she’s really trying to run the show around here.  Already.   At the end of some days, I need a 3 day vacation.  But alas, this is a 24/7 job I’ve signed up for.  Just hand me another coffee please.

She stiffens her legs, arches her back, and throws back her head when I try to put her in her high chair.     Then once I’ve wrestled her in,  in order to have the advantage on me, she throws all her food off her tray.  Is this typical one year old behavior?  Is she just not hungry?  Is she a brat?

I wonder what I’m supposed to do.  Should I break her spirit?  Force her to do everything that I, the all-knowing mother, think necessary?  Because really.  I’m kind of new at this too.


We fight tooth and nail.  She usually wins right and left.

She is nineteen pounds of sheer determination.


If she had her ‘druthers, she would walk around with a naked hiney, a dirty face, eating goldfish crackers and watching Elmo all day.  And then I’d be raising a wretch.

But whose to say I’m not.


Mama knows best.  Well, about some things anyway, for instance children shouldn’t pee on the floor and occasionally they should eat a fruit.

I might not know much, but at least I know that.


I’m hoping she’s receiving some vitamins and nutrients from the dirt she eats, because she’s rather fond of that too.


She is a busy girl.  And this is her childhood.  The only one she’ll ever have.  The one she’ll look back on with either fondness or dismay.  The one that will shape her. The Nurture to help balance her Nature.   It’s kind of a big deal when you think of it.


She’s exploring, discovering, and learning.   As all children should be allowed to do. Within reason, of course.


While she’s busy growing up, I am  busy watching, worrying, and trying to find the fine line between interfering or giving her the space she needs to become the independent little girl that she is becoming.

And  trying desperately not to raise a wretch.


  1. Mama says:

    This is beautiful just like our precious and oh so smart Emma Kate. You’re a wonderful Mother, loving and teaching her about everything constantly! You’re doing GREAT! (But, you may just have a tiger by the tail!). I wonder if you look back on your childhood with fondness or dismay!?


    1. Angel says:

      Thank you mama!


  2. Donna H. says:

    Oh, Angel .. all moms have had these same feelings and questions, but it is so hard to look at these beautiful photos of this adorable child and imagine making her do anything other than what she wants to!! (How to Raise a Wretch 101) So be strong, follow your “momma” instincts and mostly, look to the heavens for His help! You (and she) will do just fine! Oh yeah .. I had to chuckle about the high-chair thing; when our youngest (spoiled rotten) son was just this same age, we went out to a nice restaurant and he did the “arched back, straight-legged” thing and both of us were trying to make him sit in the highchair. After a few moments some lady at the next table said “I’m calling the police”! We went home with no supper! (and he didn’t care one little bit cuz’ he got Cheerios all the way home …I mean we couldn’t let HIM go without something to eat ! (did I mention spoiled brat/wretch anywhere? Guess what, he grew up being a great kid and a productive member of the human race !! Until next time Donna H.


    1. Angel says:

      Hi Donna! I ask God for guidance daily!!! And yes, just yesterday EK decided to do her arch-back, stiff-legged, trick in a restaurant and I immediately thought of you! I didn’t force her for fear of a police call threat. I can’t believe that lady said that! Obviously she had easy children!


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