One tough camera

For nearly 9 years a disposable camera has been cruising with me in my car.  A disposable camera all filled up with mystery pictures of which I can’t remember taking.  What? you say.  Nine years?!?!?!  It’s short of a miracle I know.  Never mind that I’ve had a car for 9 years, 12 to beContinue reading “One tough camera”

The Hummers

I overheard them talking in the doctor’s office a few weeks ago. You need to get ready for them. They’re here. We saw some at our place yesterday.  Hummingbirds. So I heeded their advice and went to The Walmarts to buy a couple of feeders.  I googled how to make sugar water (4 parts waterContinue reading “The Hummers”

A Post Where I Make Fun of my Niece and All Teenagers In General

I have a teenager in my home.  She’ll turn 14 in about 2 weeks. Just in case, you don’t have a teenager in your home, let me tell you what these strange creatures do. If they have any type of electronic device, they spend hours taking self portraits (selfies) with various faces, and posting themContinue reading “A Post Where I Make Fun of my Niece and All Teenagers In General”