My Happily Ever After

I’ve known my husband since I was eleven years old and he was twelve, that’s how it is in a small town.  My family ran onto some hard times and had to move to the po’ side o’ town.  That’s the poor side of town for those who aren’t from there.  You’ve heard the joke…..we wereContinue reading “My Happily Ever After”

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh my!

Snakes, spiders, tornadoes, heights, death, the dark, the number 13. The fear of colors, the fear of music, the fear of wrinkles, even the fear of the belly button. Fear, fear, fear.  Dear, dear, dear.  There are so many things to fear. My mother is a fearless woman.  She taught us not to fear byContinue reading “Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh my!”

Day In, Day Out

I never  awaken on my own.  I’m usually smack dab in the middle of some amazing dream when a little person whose feet are in my ribs begins to stir and repeatedly request “muck”, the translation of milk in baby talk.  Staggering out of bed with my daughter in my arms, leaving my dream ofContinue reading “Day In, Day Out”

Ending My Writing Drought

It’s just a common old ice box.  Fridge on bottom, freezer on top, almond in color.  It came with the house.  Unlike other women folk who show pride in their appliances, notably the cleanliness of it, the outside of my fridge looks much like the inside.  And if you’ve been reading here long enough, youContinue reading “Ending My Writing Drought”

A Broody, Moody Hen

I’ve got a broody hen.  In other words, she wants to be a momma. This hen in particular sits in a wheelbarrow.  Day after day.  Night after night.  She won’t eat.  She won’t drink.  And if you go near her, she puts her hackles up and makes a noise that frightens me.   I’ve neverContinue reading “A Broody, Moody Hen”