The Clock on the Wall

When I was 25, I had a birthday party.  Just a family party.  Nothing out of the ordinary, we celebrate birthdays until we die and my mom goes all out.  My grannie was there.  My dad was there.  Neither of which are here anymore.  My dad got me several presents.  He never really knew howContinue reading “The Clock on the Wall”

Breast Weaning Woes

I’m categorizing this blog under the Public Service category because somethings just need to be said, that no one said to me.  And also because I feel the need to vent. I’m a little bit peeved at the female race right now.  Yes, women, you.  Don’t point at yourself with your eyebrows raised in surpriseContinue reading “Breast Weaning Woes”

Five Dollar Advice

When you’re unemployed you have to think of creative ways to make a little cash.  Lately I’ve been wheeling and dealing on the various selling sites on Facebook.  Basically every community has a “for sale” site where you post your wares:  those clothes that are too snug in the waistband, the mini food processor you’veContinue reading “Five Dollar Advice”

Summer twenty thirteen

I’m such a slacker and I make myself so mad when I don’t blog regularly.  My thoughts and words are a bumbling rambling mess in my head which means the best approach to empty out  is with a list. Today is the first official day of summer.  Here in Ruidoso, the weather is a dreamContinue reading “Summer twenty thirteen”

Dreaming Like a Baby

Our local library launched its summer reading program this week with the theme Blazing the Trails.  It is phenomenal and the librarians have put an immense amount of work into this. On opening day for the Tiny Tots, we dug for pennies in sand, panned for gold, lassoed ponies, raced stick horses and sat realContinue reading “Dreaming Like a Baby”