My Journey as a Writer

I’m beginning.  I’m still at the beginning.   I’m no longer at the starting line, and I don’t know the route or the way to the finish line.  But I’ve begun. Not long ago, my mom gave me a green folder that had special mementoes she had discovered while cleaning out.  There were notes andContinue reading “My Journey as a Writer”

You’d better listen.

This morning I sent this 14 year old off to school. It’s Homecoming here.  Last night there was a bonfire, today a pep rally, tonight a football game, tomorrow a dance. We be busy. So later, I was replying to some comments here on my blog and I ended up clicking on something that tookContinue reading “You’d better listen.”

My Heavy Heart Needs Lifting

Lately I’ve found myself in a very deep place of sadness.  I can’t seem to shake it.  I’ve tried prayer, meditation, positive thoughts, reading His word, music, exercise, even sitting alone and forcing myself to smile for a minute at a time.  I’m about to resort to shopping.  I may temporarily feel better after these endeavors,Continue reading “My Heavy Heart Needs Lifting”

My story: Hearts in Rhythm

Here it is. My first published story. My first story, period. It’s been published as an e-book for Kindle.  It only costs $.99 and I completely picked out that juicy cover picture. Just kidding. I had no say in anything after I sent in the story, including the steamy cover. Gauging from the picture, youContinue reading “My story: Hearts in Rhythm”

Moment Dwelling

Last night a physical sickness hit me and I couldn’t sleep because of it. I crept out of the bedroom leaving my husband and EK snoozing soundly, grabbed a down comforter, my robe, and headed to the couch where I still couldn’t sleep. I got my laptop and for a reason unknown,  I began lookingContinue reading “Moment Dwelling”


I had to do a little digging for this fun fact, but for the first time since August of 2009, I did not publish a blog post. For 4 years….. 48 months…… every month…… I have had a post except this last month. That’s kind of a sad situation. But it doesn’t have to beContinue reading “Blogging……finally”