I had to do a little digging for this fun fact, but for the first time since August of 2009, I did not publish a blog post.

For 4 years…..

48 months……

every month……

I have had a post except this last month.

That’s kind of a sad situation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Since I missed August 2013, I’ll give a quick recap of the other things that stole my time, that is if I can remember.

First off, we got a puppy.

I started having some puppy fever back in the early summer and I found myself searching for a dog.  This was crazy.  My bro-in-law said what I needed was another baby, but you know, puppies don’t live as long.  Or cost as much.


Here he is running like crazy to get away from these 2, who seem to want to love him a little too much.


And here he is, realizing love is a pretty cool thing.

We call him Ozzie.

Oz, the great and powerful.  He likes to bark at himself in the mirror and other inanimate objects like EK’s little rocking horse.  He is a sweet boy and is equivalent to having another 19 month old in the house.  He’s into everything, I have to tell him not to chew on crayons too, and he pees and poops as he pleases.  Kind of like some one else I know.


Speaking of…….I’m attempting to potty train this sweet girl of mine.  She’s not having any part of it.  She wants to wear her panties, but is a bit traumatized by the potty chair.  This came about after she peed on my lap and I screamed.  She got scared and cried as my mom yanked her britches down and plopped her on the potty that was sitting in the living room floor.  I had run to the bathroom to wipe the pee that was running down my bare legs and onto my socks, so let’s just say that now, she is not sitting on that potty for nothing.  So we put away the concept for a while and we’ll work on house training Ozzie instead.


Once upon a time, she liked her potty, but only with her clothes on.

Also, in the month of August, I met a writing deadline.  This is something I’m super proud of.  I freelanced a story and spent most of August writing/editing/crying/drinking coffee/burning the midnight oil/stressing/praying/walking the floor/and doubting my ability.  But by August 31, it was complete and I actually received payment, which is pretty awesome.   It was 30,000 words which is about 29,300 more than the longest blog post I’ve ever written.  It ended up being 115 pages and I feel like I birthed a baby.

I think, if I’m brave enough, I can maybe call myself a writer now that someone actually paid me to write a story.   I have another one to write this month, due by Sept. 30.  I need a few extra hours in the day, or just to unplug from the internet, hire a babysitter, and sit my butt down long enough to write.  It’s hard y’all, real hard.  But it’s also completely cool.

The month was also spent with family who came to visit and outings to the mountains to hike and camp.   School started for my sweet niece Ash who made cheerleader.  So we’re acquainting ourselves with the rules of volleyball and dusting off our stadium seats for football games.


Here she is on her first day of high school.

Life is busy here.

As one of my friend’s daddy used to say, the days go by slow but the years go by fast.

May we cherish every moment.



  1. Donna H. says:

    Every day for WEEKS I’ve stopped in and must say, I was getting a little concerned 🙂 So what a wonderful surprise when I decided to “look” again and OMG …there you all were…looking as gorgeous as ever!! Sure did make my day, EK is beyond precious as is that adorable Ozzie! And congrats to Ash on making cheerleader (Been there, done that … and if I could only do it again, it would be a miracle!! ) Best news of all … you’ve published !!!!! I always knew that you would someday. It was just meant to be and so get busy and get on this next project. I’ll look forward to hearing more about life in your neck of the woods …SOON (I hope)! Until next time … Donna H.


    1. Angel says:

      Donna H., you are so faithful to stick with me through all this!!! Thanks for being my best reader!


  2. Marie says:

    Way to go girl! Knew it would happen, now onward and upward! Love ya!


    1. Angel says:

      It’s just a super small thing right now…..but it’s a start. Love ya back!


  3. Dana says:

    Are you going to tell what you wrote? My book is still with the publisher, after 2 yrs. But they keep assuring Janice & I that it will be published. I am beginning to doubt.
    You beat me & are published first & I am so proud & happy for you


    1. Angel says:

      Well Dana, it’s not the traditional publishing deal. I found a website for freelance writers and was hired to write a light hearted romance. I wrote it, they paid me, I signed my rights to them, and I don’t know what will happen to it from here. The same thing with my current project. It is an Amish romance story. It has been a super experience, and way humbling as well. But it’s teaching me consistency, dedication, time management, and of course how to write better, I hope.

      That stinks about your book. I figured it was out and being used in PISD’s in services by now 🙂 It will happen.


  4. Mama says:

    Wow! Amazing! I didn’t know.


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