Crossing that Line

Today I’m coming off a 50,000 word binge and it feels great.

What in the world am I talking about you may be asking? 

This November for the first time ever, I participated in Nanowrimo, short for National Novel Writing Month, and succeeded!  

The challenge is to write a novel of at least 50,000 words in 30 days.  

It was daunting, none the less, but I feel so proud.  Last night I validated my 50,015 word novel.  

Is my book crap?  Absolutely it is.  But it no longer is just an idea that’s been floating in my head since 2006.  Now it is actually written down on paper.  

I couldn’t sleep last night for the euphoria.  The sense of pride and accomplishment after doing something hard.

Today I made myself not look at those words I wrote, but in a month or so, I’m going to revisit it, change it, mold it, and make it better.  

But for today I took a nap with my daughter, instead of sneaking out of bed after getting her to sleep to write my daily quota of 1667 words.  That was heavenly.  

Beginning tomorrow, I’m going to spend some family time giving thanks and sharing EK with my peeps.  But after that, I’m going to return to writing.  I’ve got another idea to work on.  

I have dreams and I know you do too.  What are they?  Think about your dreams for a minute.  When was the last time you spent some time on that?  It’s scary at first to admit you have them, to tell someone else about them.  But it’s crucial if you want to achieve them.  So, decide on a goal and work at it.  Will it be hard, heck yes.  Will you want to quit?   Everyday.  But dreams come true when you make a commitment and do the work every day.  Commitment and consistency.  Two very hard things that will get you to the finish line.

Keep dreaming friends and have a happy Turkey Day!


The Top 10 Funniest Things EK says

EK is 21 and a half months old now.

It’s a fun age.

She is a talker, y’all.

She can say anything she wants.  The other day she told me “Ozzie chews on Emma’s hair clip”.

It’s good and it’s bad.

It’s good because she can express herself and answer questions and ask them.

It’s bad because even though she has this vast vocabulary, she still chooses to kick and scream and stomp at times.

But, hey, don’t we all?

I’m sure none of the things she says will be funny to my readers, but I wanted to get them down so I didn’t forget them.  Time is flying so fast.

So, here we go……the top 10 funniest things EK says.

number 10) No, I not.  (This means I don’t want to.  I hear it ALOT!)

number 9) What da heck?  (Remember, we also have a 14 year old in the house)

number 8) Hi durls (girls) {When addressing the chickens accompanied by a sweet little wave}

number 7) Aw, so toot. (meaning cute)  This is said in the sweetest high pitched voice, usually when she sees a picture of herself.

number 6) I love you much (melts my heart, but I rarely hear it addressed to me)

number 5) Whose tripping over my bidge (bridge) asks the troll.  (This is her newest favorite story.  Move over Rapunzel)

number 4) I love my hair  (A Sesame Street song)

number 3) Mama needs to poop!  (What she actually means is Mama, I need to poop)

number 2) What’s going on? (We read this in a book and she finds the best times to ask)

And the number one funniest thing EK says:

 I so funny.

Yes, you are a bushel of laughs, darling.

And so toot too!

This is how she gives two thumbs up.  I love it!
This is how she gives two thumbs up. I love it!


I have a new item to add to my most prized possession list.   On second thought, it’s more like the only item on my most prized possession list.

I’m in love.

It’s a necklace and it deserves an explanation.




It was a gift to me from my darling, dear, precious friend Mrs. Z when EK was born.

At first I was baffled by it.

It was a brown cardboard box labeled Priceless Prints.  Inside was a ball of clay with a page of instructions.

The idea is to press a fingerprint from your loved one in the clay and then return it to the company and they will turn it into a silver pendant.

A keepsake treasure of a loved ones fingerprint.

I waited a while to do this, simply because her finger was just so tiny.

You can see that the whole pendant is the size of my pinky, her little fingerprint only claiming a small part of the silver.

Recently, I felt it was time to capture it forever.






That small indention is the fingerprint of my daughter.   At close inspection, you can make out the wavy lines.

The gem is her birthstone. A garnet for January.

The back is stamped with her initials EKW.

I will carry a piece of her with me for the rest of my life.

When I leave her at school for the first time in a few years, and then return to an empty home, no doubt I will touch this necklace, thinking of her and hoping she’s doing alright.  And I will check the clock a hundred times before 3:00.

When she packs her bag for her first overnight sleepover, the first time away from me for the night, I will still have her near me, secretly hoping the phone will ring and she’ll ask me to come get her.  I’ll jump up in my pajamas, not bothering to dress myself and rush right over.

When I drive away from her dormitory, tears streaming down my cheeks, continually looking in my rearview mirror, I will think back to the day I pressed her tiny forefinger into the clay to make this necklace.

I will wear it around my age spotted neck, through all the days, weeks, months, and years to come.




I love her little hands, her little fingers, the tiny fingernails with chipped red polish.  I think of her fingerprints.  Their uniqueness to her and no one else.  They are her mark.  I wonder where her little hands will go, what they will do.  And I pray that she will leave her fingerprints on this world in a good way.  That she will do good with her hands, that she will touch people’s lives and make a mark.  A one of kind, unique touch that only she is capable of.

As far as I’m concerned though, she already has.


Halloween 2013 wasn’t a total bust

Months ago, I mean months ago, I saw a darling handmade owl costume on Pinterest.  You know Pinterest?  That website that will suck the hours right out of your day?

I pinned it on my board entitled Possible Attempts.

Around September, I knew I needed to get started, so I gathered the felt and began the process of cutting out owl feathers.

I just knew EK would look precious.  I never imagined EK wouldn’t wear the costume.

But that’s how it all came down.

Our town had a fallfest carnival the weekend before Halloween.  I was ready with the owl cape and hat.  I’d bought sweats to go underneath it.  She had glittery boots.  Glittery boots!

And she refused to wear it.  She threw her arms back throwing the cape off like it was burning her flesh.  If I managed to get it put on, she tugged at the neckline, crying and fighting.


I decided to give up, and I carried her costume around the whole time.

The only time she put it on was in my lap and we managed to get a couple of pictures of her on a hayride with me.


That was the Saturday before Halloween.  I decided to revise the costume and added a button, thinking maybe the tie was a little too choking.

I was up for another attempt.

I noticed a few years back that Halloween lasts a week these days.  When I was a kid, Halloween was on October 31, no matter what.  But this day and age, if it doesn’t fall on a weekend, there are Halloween events the weekend before and sometimes the weekend after.  You’ll even find churches participating on Wednesday night, no matter what day it fall on.  Then there is, what I call, “Real Halloween”  the day people actually dress up and go trick or treating.

After the Saturday fallfest, we had 3 more events to wear our costume.  Our play group was having a party on Tuesday, our Library Story time was having a party Thursday morning and then there was “Real Halloween” that night.

Attempt #2:  On Tuesday, she wouldn’t wear her costume.  I kind of threw a fit, but not as bad as the Saturday one I threw.

Attempt #3:  On Thursday, I didn’t make a big deal out of it at all.  I just merely asked if she wanted to wear it, and lo and behold, she did.  So we donned the owl for Library time and she kept it on most of the time.


She was so tired after that, we didn’t do anything else for Halloween, which was fine with me.

I bought some Twizzlers for the trick or treating crowd, but ended up not having any trick or treaters.  I might have, but I had to turn my light off at 7:30 after Ashlynn came in with a church group in the big middle of a scavenger hunt and took all our candy.

I guess I can’t complain since I did get a couple of decent pictures, although no smiles.

Even though we didn’t get to do “Real Halloween” and got trick or treat, I bet you can still guess “whoooooooo” was the cutest owl in town?