The Top 10 Funniest Things EK says

EK is 21 and a half months old now.

It’s a fun age.

She is a talker, y’all.

She can say anything she wants.  The other day she told me “Ozzie chews on Emma’s hair clip”.

It’s good and it’s bad.

It’s good because she can express herself and answer questions and ask them.

It’s bad because even though she has this vast vocabulary, she still chooses to kick and scream and stomp at times.

But, hey, don’t we all?

I’m sure none of the things she says will be funny to my readers, but I wanted to get them down so I didn’t forget them.  Time is flying so fast.

So, here we go……the top 10 funniest things EK says.

number 10) No, I not.  (This means I don’t want to.  I hear it ALOT!)

number 9) What da heck?  (Remember, we also have a 14 year old in the house)

number 8) Hi durls (girls) {When addressing the chickens accompanied by a sweet little wave}

number 7) Aw, so toot. (meaning cute)  This is said in the sweetest high pitched voice, usually when she sees a picture of herself.

number 6) I love you much (melts my heart, but I rarely hear it addressed to me)

number 5) Whose tripping over my bidge (bridge) asks the troll.  (This is her newest favorite story.  Move over Rapunzel)

number 4) I love my hair  (A Sesame Street song)

number 3) Mama needs to poop!  (What she actually means is Mama, I need to poop)

number 2) What’s going on? (We read this in a book and she finds the best times to ask)

And the number one funniest thing EK says:

 I so funny.

Yes, you are a bushel of laughs, darling.

And so toot too!

This is how she gives two thumbs up.  I love it!
This is how she gives two thumbs up. I love it!


  1. Mama says:

    I simply can’t wait to see my ‘toot’ and adorable durl and listen to all her ‘toot’ and funny ramblings ! ! ! ! My love for her is everlasting, and forever and ever will be my undying love! Thank you Jesus, for Blessing me with the Miracle of Emma ! ! !


  2. Donna H. says:

    AMEN, Mama!!! Could there be anyone cuter?? A blessed Thanksgiving to all! Until next time .. Donna H.


    1. Angel says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to your lovely family, Donna H!


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